War Memorials


Oxfordshire War Memorials

Over the next four years or so (2014-2019) we plan to build a general resource centred on the War Memorials across the county of Oxfordshire.

To start the ball rolling, here are a few words and a long list from John Blakeman, the OFHS War Memorials Coordinator.

To correct or add to this list, please either leave a comment on this page (see foot), contact John directly by post (24 Newland Close, Eynsham, WITNEY, OX29 4LE) or send an email to war-memorials@ofhs.org.uk which will be received and passed on by the webmaster.

How was your town or village affected ?

Memorials in towns and villages tell us what people felt at the time.

There are about 106 free-standing war memorials in the county and scores of other plaques, gates, panels and other kinds. Around 321 Churches in the county have memorials, most have several.

Where a church and a war memorial are shown on the list below, the memorial is in addition to anything in the church or churchyard. .

The list is incomplete – do tell us of any missing and also of new ones.

Several War Memorials have now ‘disappeared’ – details are known but they are not listed here.

You can find more information on War Memorials Archive (formerly the UK National Inventory of War Memorials [UKNIWM]).   Many memorials, including photographs, are included on village or church websites.

Photographs of many of the memorials are on  –  www.oxfordshirewarmemorials.co.uk  –  (but at the time of writing, this site is not useable).

Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS) have details/information on almost all of the Oxfordshire War Memorials.

      Schools will have restricted access. The Oxford Colleges may also have restricted access.
      (AMB) indicates memorials on an active military base.
      (PP)  indicates memorial is on Private Land/Premises.
      R.A.F. Memorial - indicates a Memorial at site of a World War 2 air crash except when at R.A.F. Benson.
      'Family graves' which have a commemoration for a man/woman who died on active service
                      and buried elsewhere, are termed war memorials - not all these are known.
Abingdon                War Memorial. St. Helen's Church. St. Nicholas Church.
                        Trinity Church (Methodist/URC, includes plaque from former
                        Congregational Church in The Square)

Abingdon School         Several Memorials

Abingdon (AMB)          War Memorial, Oxfordshire Light Infantry, South Africa
Edward Brooks Barracks  (Memorial previously in Oxford) Other memorials.

Adderbury               St. Mary's Church.      [with Milton (Banbury)].

Adwell                  With Stoke Talmage

Albury                  St. Helen's Church.     Includes Tiddington

Alkerton                With Shennington.

Alvescot                War Memorial.     St. Peter's Church.

Ambrosden               St. Mary's Church.

Appleford               St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Appleton - with Eaton   War Memorial.     St. Laurence Church.

Ardington               War Memorial.     Holy Trinity Church.

Ardley - with Fewcott   St. Mary's Church.

Arncott                 Arncott Methodist - plaque now in St. Mary's, Ambrosden

Ascott-under Wychwood   Holy Trinity Church.    Recreation Ground.

Ashbury                 War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.

Asthall                 Former St. Nicholas Church (PP).

Aston                   War Memorial.     St. James Church.

Aston Rowant            St. Peter & St. Paul Church.   Includes Kingston Blount.

Aston Tirrold           St. Michael's Church.   Also includes Aston Upthorpe.

Aston Upthorpe          War Memorial      All Saints Church

Baldons                 See Marsh Baldon and Toot Baldon.

Balscote                St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Bampton                 War Memorial. St. Mary the Virgin Church. Town Hall.

Banbury                 St. Mary's Church.      St. Paul's Church (Neithrop)

Methodist Church.       Memorial Cross in Peoples' Park.

Banbury Post Office.    Northern Aluminium Company.

Banbury                 Banbury County School - check as name now changed ??

Barford                 Barford St. Michael Church.
St. John & St. Michael

Baulking                St. Nicholas Church.

Beckley and Stowood     The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Begbroke                No memorial.

Benson (or Bensington)  War Memorial.     St. Helen's Church

Benson R.A.F. (AMB)     Several memorials.

Berinsfield             American Memorial.      Warburton Memorial. CHURCH ???

Berrick Salome          St. Helen's Church

Besselsleigh            St. Lawrence Church.

Bix with Assendon       St. James Church

Bicester                St. Edburg's Church.    Methodist and Congrgational Churches.
                        Bicester Post Office in Sorting Office (PP)

Black Bourton           War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.
                        R.A.F. Memorial (PP).

Blackthorn              Blackthorn Independent Chapel - now in Ambrosden (?)

Bladon                  War Memorial.

Bletchington            (Bletchingdon)    St. Giles Church.

Blewbury                St. Michael's Church.

Bloxham                 War Memorial.     St. Mary - Our Lady of Bloxham Church.

Bloxham                 Ex-Servicemans Hall.

Bloxham                 Bloxham C of E Primary School - Memorial Trees

Bloxham                 All Saints School - several memorials..

Bodicote                St. John the Baptist Church.

Bourton (Faringdon)     St. James Church.

Bourton (Banbury)       See Great Bourton

Botley Cemetery         Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

Brightwell Baldwin.     St. Bartholomew's Church

Brightwell-cum-Sotwell  War Memorial.     St. Agatha's Church.

St. James Church, Sotwell - WW1 Family Grave (War Mem)

Britwell Salome         None Recorded

Brize Norton            War Memorial.     St. Britius Church.

Broadwell               St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Broughton               With North Newington.   St. Mary the Virgin Church

Broughton Poggs         (With Filkins)    St. Peter's Church.

Bruern                  Included in Milton-under-Wychwood.

Buckland                War Memorial      St. Mary the Virgin Church.  Memorial Hall.

Bucknell                St. Peter's Church.

Burford                 War Memorial.     St. John the Baptist Church.

Burford                 Burford Priory (PP)

Burford                 Burford School

Buscot                  St. Mary's Church.

Carterton               War Memorial.     Memorial Trees.   Repatriation Memorial Garden.

Cassington              War Memorial.     St. Peter's Church.

Caulcot                 See Lower Heyford.

Caversfield             St. Laurence Church.

Chadlington             St. Nicholas Church.    Memorial Hall.

Chalgrove               War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.
                        John Hampden Monument (English Civil War)

Chalgrove Airfield      WW2 American Memorial.

Charlbury               St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Charlton                Holy Trinity Church.

Charlton-on-Otmoor      War Memorial Gate Pillars.    St. Mary's Church.

Charney Bassett         War Memorial.     St. Peter's Church.

Chastleton              St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Checkendon              St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Chesterton              St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Childrey                War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Chilson                 See Shorthampton.

Chilton                 All Saints Church.

Chimney                 None recorded.

Chinnor                 War Memorial.     St. Andrew's Church.

Chipping Norton         War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.
                        Baptist Church.   Chipping Norton School.
                        R.A.F. Memorial.  War Memorial Hospital.

Chislehampton           St. Katherine's Church.

Cholsey                 War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.
                        Plaque in Village Pavilion.

Church Hanborough       St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Churchill and Sarsden   War Memorial.     All Saints Church.

Clanfield               War Memorial.     St. Stephen's Church.
                        Village Hall.

Claydon with Clattercote      St. James Church.

Clifton Hampden         St. Michael and All Angels Church.  Village Hall.

Cogges                  War Memorial (Newland)        St. Mary's Church.

Cokethorpe School       Plaque re Ducklington.

Coleshill               War Memorial.     All Saints Church.

Coleshill House         Memorial trees etc.

Combe                   War Memorial.     St. Laurence Church.

Compton Beauchamp       War Memorial.     St. Swithuns Church.

Cornbury                None recorded.

Cornwell                St. Peter's Church (PP)

Cote                    None Recorded ?

Cothill                 See Dry Sandford

Cottisford              St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Cowlease Wood           R.A.F. Memorial

Cowley                  St. James Church
                        - former Oxfordshire L.I. regimentalchapel, regimental memorials.
                        Cowley Memorials.

Crawley                 War Memorial.

Cropredy                St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Crowell                 Church of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Cowmarsh Gifford        St. Mary Magdalen Church.     With Newnham Murren.

Crowmarsh Gifford       S.O.D.C. Offices - Memorial garden.

Cuddesdon               All Saints Church - with Ripon College, Cuddesdon

Culham                  St. Paul's Church.
                        Former Culham College (now a school)

Cumnor                  War Memorial.     St. Michael's Church.

Curbridge               No memorial at this time - one being planned.

Cuxham                  Holy Rood Church.   With Easington

Deddington              Includes Clifton & Hempton. St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Denchworth              St. James the Great Church.   The Fox Public House.

Didcot                  War Memorial (Garden of Remembrance).
                        All Saints Church.      St. Peter's Church (Northbourne)
                        Some other small memorials.

Didcot (AMB)            Memorial Wall on site
Vauxhall Barracks       Streets on new estate in Didcot named (2014) after same men/women.

Dorchester on Thames    War Memorial.     Dorchester Abbey.

Drayton (Abingdon)      St. Peter's Church.

Drayton (Banbury)       St. Peters Church.

Drayton St. Leonard     War Memorial.

Dry Sandford            St. Helen's Church.

Ducklington             War Memorial.

Dunsden                 War Memorial.     Includes Eye.

Duns Tew                St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Easington               See Cuxham

East Challow            St. Nicholas Church.

East Hagbourne          War Memorial.     St. Andrew's Church.

East Hanney             RBL Memorial Hall.

East Hendred            War Memorial.     St. Augustine's Church.

Eaton Hastings          St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Elsfield                St. Thomas of Canterbury Church

Emmington               St. Nicholas Church.

Enstone                 St. Kenelm's Church.

Epwell                  St Anne's Church.

Ewelme                  St. Mary's Church.      Wayside Shrine

Eye & Dunsden with Binfield     See Dunsden

Eynsham                 War Memorial.     St. Leonard's Church.
                        Baptist Church.   Eynsham Social & Sports Club.

Faringdon               War Memorial.     All Saints Church..
                        Faringdon United Church.

Fawler                  See Finstock

Fencott                 With Murcott - both included in Charlton-on-Otmoor.

Fernham                 St. John the Evangelist Church.

Fewcott                 With Ardley

Fifield                 St. John the Baptist Church.

Filkins                 War Memorial.     St. Peter's Church.

Finmere                 St. Michael's Church.

Finstock & Fawler       War Memorial.

Forest Hill & Shotover  War Memorial.     St. Nicholas Church

Freeland                St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Frilford                See Marcham

Fringford               St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Fritwell                St. Olave's Church.

Fulbrook                War Memorial.     St. James the Great Church.

Fyfield                 St. Nicholas Church.

Garford                 War Memorial.     St. Luke's Church.

Garsington              War Memorial.     Playing Field.    St. Mary's Church

Glympton                St. Mary's Church.

Godington               No memorial.

Goosey                  All Saints Church.

Goring Heath            None Recorded

Goring                  St. Thomas of Canterbury Church.

Gosford                 Included in Kidlington.

Grafton and Radcot      None Recorded

Great Bourton           All Saints Church.

Great Coxwell           War Memorial.     St. Giles Church.

Great Haseley           War Memorial.     St. Peter's Church.

Great Milton            St. Mary the Virgin Church

Great Rollright         St. Andrew's Church.

Great Tew               St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Grove                   St. John the Baptist Church.

Grove                   Ex. Airfield site - American Memorial.

Hailey                  War Memorial.     .     Church ???

Hampton Gay             No memorial..

Hampton Poyle           St. Mary's Church.

Hanwell                 St. Peter's Church.

Hardwick cum Tusmore    No Memorial.

Hardwick                No Memorial.

Harpsden                St. Margaret's Church

Harwell                 War Memorial.     St. Matthew's Church.

Harwell                 Ex Airfield site - War Memorial.

Hatford                 St. George's Church.

Headington              St. Andrew's Church.

Headington              All Saints Church, Highfield

Headington Quarry       Holy Trinity Church.

Headington              Lime Walk Methodist Church.

Headington              Conservative Club

Henley-on-Thames        St. Mary the Virgin Church.   Town Hall.
                        War Memorial Hospital.        OTHERS ????

Hethe                   War Memorial.

Heythrop                St. Nicholas Church.

Highmoor                St. Paul's Church.

Hinton Waldrist         St. Margaret of Antioch Church.

Holton                  St. Bartholomew's Church.

Holwell                 St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Hook Norton             St. Peter's Church.     War Memorial Hall (Village Hall)

Horley                  St. Etheldreda's Church.

Hornton                 St. John the Baptist Church.

Horspath                St. Giles Church.Horspath Hub (former Methodist Chapel)

Horton-cum-Studley      St. Barnabas Church.

Idbury                  St. Nicholas Church.

Iffley                  St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Ipsden                  War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.

Islip                   War Memorial.     St. Nicholas Church.

Kelmscott               St. George's Church.

Kencot                  War Memorial.     St. George's Church.

Kennington              War Memorial.     Memorial Field.

Kiddington              St. Nicholas Church.
with Asterleigh

Kidlington              St. Mary the Virgin Church.
                        Thames Valley Police Headquarters - memorial covering
                        all Police Forces that amalgamated to form TVP.

Kidmore End             St. John the Baptist Church.  Memorial Hall.

Kingham                 St. Andrews Church.

Kingham Hill School     School Chapel.

Kingston Bagpuize       War Memorial.     St. John the Baptist Church.
and Southmoor    

Kingston Lisle          War Memorial.     St. John's Church.

Kirtlington             War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.

Langford                Wall Memorial.    St. Matthew's Church.

Launton                 War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.

Leafield                St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Letcombe Bassett        St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Letcombe Regis          St. Andrew's Church.

Lew                     Holy Trinity Church.

Lewknor                 St. Margaret's Church.        (includes Postcombe)

Little Coxwell          St. Mary's Church.

Little Faringdon        Parish Church.

Little Milton           St. James Church.

Littlemore              St. Mary & St. Nicholas Church.
                        Royal British Legion Memorial

Little Rollright        No Memorial

Little Tew              St. John the Evangelist Church.

Little Wittenham        War Memorial.

Littleworth             Church of The Holy Ascension.

Lockinge                All Saints Church.

Longcot                 St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Long Hanborough         War Memorial.     Church ?

Long Wittenham          War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Longworth               St. Mary's Church.

Lower Heyford           St. Mary's Church.

Lyford                  St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Lyneham                 Included in Milton-under-Wychwood.

Mapledurham             St. Margaret's Church.

Marcham                 War Memorial.     All Saints Church.

Marsh Baldon            St. Peter's Church.

Merton                  St. Swithun's Church.

Middle Aston            See Steeple Aston.

Middle Barton           War Memorial Hall & Playing Fields.

Middleton Stoney        All Saints Church.

Milcombe                St. Laurence Church.

Milton (Didcot)         St. Blaise Church.

Milton (Banbury)        St. John the Evangelist Church.     (with Adderbury)

Milton-under-Wychwood   St. Simon & St. Jude Church.   (Includes Bruern and Lyneham)

Minster Lovell          War Memorial.     St. Kenelm's Church.

Mixbury                 All Saints Church.

Mollington              All Saints Church.

Moreton                 War Memorial

Moulsford               St. John the Baptist Church.

Murcott                 Methodist Chapel.

Nether Worton           St. James Church.

Nettlebed               St. Bartholomew's Church.

New Hinksey             St. John the Evangelist Church. Includes South Hinksey.

New Marston             War Memorial.     Memorial Trees and Bench.

Newington               None recorded.

Newton Purcell          St. Michael's Church.
& Shelswell

Noke                    St. Giles Church.

North Aston             St. Mary's Church.

North Hinksey           St. Lawrence Church.

North Leigh             St. Mary's Church.      War Memorial Hall.

North Moreton           All Saints Church.

Northmoor               St. Deny's Church.      Memorial Hall.

North Newington         See Broughton

North Stoke             St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Nuffield                Holy Trinity Church.

Nuneham Courtenay       All Saints Church (redundant - PP)

Oddington               St. Andrew's Church.

Old Marston             St. Nicholas Church.

Over Norton             Memorial plaque on cottage.

Over Worton             War Memorial

Oxford City             City War Memorial, St. Giles.

Oxford City             The Tirah Memorial (Oxfordshire L.I.) Bonn Square

Oxford City             Ox & Bucks L.I. Memorial - Rose Hill/Church Cowley Road

Oxford City             Christ Church Cathedral
                        - Regimental Chapel for the Ox. & Bucks. L.I.
                          and also Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars

Oxford City             St. Aldates Church.

Oxford City             St. Andrew's Church, Linton Road

Oxford City             St. Barnabas Church.    Includes St. Paul's Church.

Oxford City             St. Clements Church

Oxford City             St. Cross Church.

Oxford City             St. Ebbe's Church.

Oxford City             Holy Trinity Church (demolished) - see St. Ebbes Church.

Oxford City             St. Frideswide's Church.

Oxford City             St. Giles Church.

Oxford City             St. Mary & St. John Church.

Oxford City             St. Mary Magdalen Church.

Oxford City             St. Margaret's Church.

Oxford City             St. Mary the Virgin Church. (The University Church)

Oxford City             St. Matthew's Church, Grandpont.

Oxford City             St. Michael at the North Gate.    (The City Church)
                        See: Oxford City WWI Honour Roll
                        See: Oxford City WWII Honour Roll

Oxford City             St. Michael & All Angels Church, Lonsdale Road

Oxford City             Summertown War Memorial

Oxford City             St. Peter Le Bailey Church.   (now the Chapel of St. Peter's College)

Oxford City             St. Philip & St. James Church - now the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Oxford City             St. Thomas the Martyr Church.

Oxford City             St. Columba's Presbyterian Church.

Oxford City             Wesley Memorial Church.   (includes Walton St. Chapel)

Oxford City             Oratory Church of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Oxford City             Oxford Synagogue

Oxford City             The Dragon School - War Memorial Cross etc.

Oxford City             Summer Fields School - several memorials

Oxford City             St. Edwards School - several memorials

Oxford City             Magdalen College School - several memorials

Oxford Spires Academy   Rolls of Honour for Southfield School etc.

Oxford City             Town Hall - several memorials

Oxford City             Old County Hall - County Council Staff memorial

Oxford City             War Memorial, Morrell's Brewery

Oxford City             St. Aldates Police Station - Oxford City Police (PP)

Oxford City             Oxford Post Office memorial - current location ??

Oxford City             Oxford University Press

Oxford City             Radcliffe Infirmary Chapel - former.

Oxford City             Churchill Hospital - American memorials etc.

Oxford City             Oxford Co-operative Society memorial (PP)

Oxford City             East Oxford Liberal Club - now The Crown house Club (??)

Oxford City             Holywell Cemetery

Oxford City             Oxford Crematorium

Oxford University       All Souls College

Oxford University       Balliol College

Oxford University       Brasenose College

Oxford University       Christ Church

Oxford University       Corpus Christi College

Oxford University       Exeter College

Oxford University       Harris Manchester College

Oxford University       Hertford College

Oxford University       Jesus College

Oxford University       Keble College

Oxford University       Lincoln College

Oxford University       Magdalen College

Oxford University       Mansfield College

Oxford University       Merton College

Oxford University       New College

Oxford University       Oriel College

Oxford University       Pembroke College

Oxford University       The Queen's College

Oxford University       Rhodes House

Oxford University       St. Catherine's College

Oxford University       St. Edmund Hall

Oxford University       St. Hugh's College

Oxford University       St. John's College

Oxford University       Trinity College

Oxford University       University College

Oxford University       Wadham College

Oxford University       Wolfson College - R.A.F. Memorial

Oxford University       Worcester College

Piddington              St. Nicholas Church.

Pishill with Stonor     Parish Church.

Prescote                None Recorded

Pryton                  St. Mary's Church.      R.A.F. Memorial (PP).

Pusey                   All Saints Church.

Radley                  St. James the Great Church.

Radley College          Several Memorials.

Ramsden                 War Memorial.     St. James Church.       Memorial Hall.

Risington & Sandhills   No Memorial

Rotherfield Greys       War Memorial (at Greys Green).      St. Nicholas Church.

Rotherfield Peppard     All Saints Church.      War Memorial Hall.

Rousham                 St. Leonard & St. James Church (PP).

Salford                 St. Mary's Church.

Sandford St. Martin     Parish Church.

Sandford-on-Thames      St. Andrew's Church.

Shellingford            St. Faith's Church.

Shenington with Alkerton   War Memorial.   Holy Trinity Church.

Shifford                None recorded.

Shillingford            See Warborough.

Shilton                 War Memorial.

Shiplake                War Memorial.     St. Peter & St. Paul Church.
                        War Memorial Hall.

Shippon                 St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Shipton-on-Cherwell     Holy Cross Church.
and Thrupp      

Shipton-under-Wychwood  War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Shirburn                All Saints Church.

Shrivenham              St. Andrew's Church.

Shorthampton            All Saints Church.

Shutford                War Memorial.     St. Martin's Church.

Sibford Gower           Holy Trinity Church.
& Sibford Ferris

Somerton                St. James Church.

Souldern                St. Mary's Church.

South Hinksey           See New Hinksey - St. John the Evangelist Church.

South Leigh             St. James the Great Church.

South Moreton           St. John the Baptist Church.

Southmoor               See Kingston Bagpuize.

South Newington         St. Peter Ad Vincula Church.

South Stoke             St. Andrew's Church.

Sparsholt               Holy Rood Church.

Spelsbury               All Saints Church.      War Memorial Hall.

Stadhampton             St. John the Baptist Church.

Standlake               St. Giles Church.

Stanford-in-the-Vale    St. Deny's Church.

Stanton Harcourt        St. Michael's Church.   Memorial & Millennium Hall.

Stanton St. John        St. John the Baptist Church.

Steeple Aston           War Memorial. Parish Church. Memorial Rousham Hall Park

Steeple Barton          St. Mary's Church.

Steventon               War Memorial.     St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Stoke Lyne              St. Peter's Church.

Stoke Row               St. John the Evangelist Church.

Stoke Talmage           St. Mary Magdalen Church.     (Includes Adwell).

Stonesfield             War Memorial.

Stratton Audley         St. Mary & St. Edburga Church.

Sunningwell             St. Leonard's Church.

Sutton Courtenay        War Memorial.     All Saints Church.

Swalcliffe              St. Peter & St. Paul Church.

Swerford                War Memorial.

Swinbrook with Widford  St. Mary's Church.

Swyncombe               War Memorial (at Cookley Green)   Church ?.

Sydenham                St. Mary's Church.

Tackley                 St. Nicholas Church.

Tadmarton               St. Nicholas Church.

Taynton                 St. John the Evangelist Church.

Tetsworth               War Memorial.     St. Giles Church.

Thame                   War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.      Thame Museum.

Thame                   Lord Williams School (Check name ?)

Tiddington with Albury  See Albury

Toot Baldon             St. Lawrence Church.

Towersey                War Memorial Hall.

Tubney                  St. Lawrence Church.

Uffington               St. Mary's Church.

Upper Heyford           St. Mary's Church.
                        F111E Air crash site.

Upton                   St. Mary's Church.      Upton Methodist Church.

Wallingford             War Memorial.     St. Mary-le-More Church.
                        R.A.F. Memorial.        Post Office (Delivery Office).

Wallingford Cemetery (??)

Wantage                 St. Peter & St. Paul Church.        Baptist Church.
                        King Alfred's School (Check name change ???)

Warborough              War Memorial.     St. Laurence Church.    (includes Shillingford)

Wardington              St. Mary Magdalen Church

Watchfield              St. Thomas's Church.

Water Eaton             No Memorial

Waterperry with Thomley     St Mary the Virgin Church.

Waterstock              War Memorial.     St. Leonard's Church.

Watlington              War Memorial.     St. Leonard's Church.

Wendlebury              St. Giles Church.

West Challow            St. Laurence Church.

West Hagbourne          Memorial Bus Shelter.

West Hanney             St. James the Great Church.

West Hendred            Holy Trinity Church.

Westcott Barton         St. Edward the Confessor Church.

Weston-on-the Green     St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Wheatfield              St. Andrew's Church.

Westwell                War Memorial

Wheatley                War Memorial.     St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Whitchurch              War Memorial.

Wigginton               St. Giles Church.

Witney                  War Memorial.     St. Mary's Church.

Methodist Church.       The Leys Recreation Ground.   Witney Museum.   Henry Box School.

Wolvercote              Airmens memorial, Godstow Road

Wolvercote              St. Peter's Church.     Memorial Field (Godstow Road)

Woodcote                War Memorial.

Woodcote                Oratory School - several memorials.

Woodeaton               Holy Rood Church.

Woodstock               War Memorial.     St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Methodist Church.       Town Hall.

Woolstone               All Saints Church.

Wootton (Abingdon)      St. Peter's Church.

Wootton (Woodstock)     St. Mary the Virgin Church.   Playing Field

Worton                  See Over Worton

Worton (Cassington)     No Memorial.

Wroxton                 All Saints Church.

Wythem                  War Memorial.     All Saints Church.

Yarnton                 St. Bartholomew's Church.

Yelford                 No Memorial

Youlbury                Scout War Memorial (PP)

Information collected and collated by John Blakeman, OFHS War Memorials Coordinator.

  9 Responses to “War Memorials”

  1. There is another web-site with details of war memorials – http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Oxfordshire/index.html

    It is very sparse, listing only 16 memorials in the county, but some do have photographs as well as details of the men commemorated.

    Brian Curtis

  2. the war memorial at Dorchester-on-Thames is listed here as being in Dorchester Abbey, but it is in fact on the High Street (I think the rool-of-honour website has it correctly. the story of the memorial and the names on it is told in ‘Lest We Forget’ by Don McGregor, available from Dorchester Abbey Museum, and the memorial is highlighted in Kate Tiller’s recent book on War Memorials. Margot Metcalfe, Dorchester Historical Society and Dorchester Abbey Museum.

    • I refer you to the explanatory text: “Where a church and a war memorial are shown on the list below, the memorial is in addition to anything in the church or churchyard.”

  3. What is the location of the “Morrell’s Brewery” war memorial and is it currently accessible to the public ? Of course, the brewery closed nearly twenty years ago, and was converted to residential accommodation.

  4. It is not clear whether this memorial is one of those listed above :-


    However, if it is, it is nevertheless an interesting update.

    • As this is a memorial to (members of) a USAAF unit, I would take this to be the “American Memorial” referred to in the list.

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