Oxford City WWII Honour Roll


We thank Oxford City Council (the owners of the Roll) and the City Church of Oxford, St Michael at the North Gate (the custodians of the Roll) for their permission and cooperation in making this volume available online. We thank too our member Alan Simpson who photographed the pages.

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Alternatively, you can view the pages as a slideshow here.

Front plate


Adams – Allum
Amery – Ayres
Babington – Batts
Bayliss – Bint
Birmingham – Bowles
Bowley – Brown
Brown – Burgess
Burney – Cambray
Carr – Christian
Clark – Comley
Coomber – Cox
Cox – Daft
Dance – Deer
Denton – Edmonds
Edwards – Filmer
Fiorini – Foulks
France – Gibbons
Gilder – Gray
Gray – Gurney
Gynes – Hands
Harber – Harvey
Hathaway – Hewitt
Hewlett – Hilsdon
Hine – Hudson
Hudson – Jarman
Jarman – Jones
Keane – Kidd-May
Kimber – Kyme
Lambourne – Liebermann
Lipscombe – Mackenzie
Maitland – Mills
Mills – Morrison
Mosedale – Neale
New – Nuttall
Osborn – Parsons
Parsons – Phipps
Pickering – Puxley
Quainton – Richards
Richards – Rowley
Ruiz – Shepperd
Simmonds – Stewart
Stone – Taylor
Taylor – Thompson
Thomson – Trafford
Trinder – Ware
Wateridge – Wharton
Whatley – Wicks
Widler – Willis
Willis – Wood
Woodcock – Young
(there are no addenda)


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