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We are working hard on our Oxfordshire surname project. Periodically we would like to get help from experts in a particular surname. If you can contribute to the discussion please contact us here or via

Questions for the start of 2019:

SHURY and SHEWRY seem to be spelling variants of the same name in Oxfordshire. Does SHIRLEY fit in with these names? Does anyone have some family history where SHIRLEY is mixed with spellings of SHURY/SHEWRY? Places like Thame and Witney have all 3 variants but are they different lines?

LINDARS is found in the Chipping Norton area early on but later appears in Tetsworth. Does anyone have a family history that shows where the Tetsworth family came from?

Does anyone have knowledge of SAW/SAWE and SOAR/SORE/SOR spelling variants being in the same family?

Does anyone have knowledge of MOULD/MOLD and the other versions MOULDER/MOULDEN spelling variants being in the same family?

All knowledge appreciated, especially if you have information from primary sources.

Sue Honore

Dec 072018

The following surnames were added to the OXfordshire Surname Interests List in November. If one is of interest, do follow the link to the relevant researcher.

Surname Time Place Researcher
BAYLIS <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
BEARD <1850 Binfield Heath, Shiplake, Eye&Dunsden Patrick Beard
BRICKNELL <1850 Any Pauline Francis
BULGIN Any Oxford Terri Bonham-Samuels
CASTLE 1880 Deddington Julie Castle
CHECKLEY <1863 Steeple Barton, Lower Heyford Sylvia Checkley
COLLETT 1823 Murcott Brenda Purves
COX >1790 Wiggington Vanessa Cox
DEAN Any Oxford Ann Docherty
EGGLESTONE <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
HAWES >1650 Oakley, Bicester, Little London, Witney Dene James
HENWOOD >1740 Nuneham Courtney Vanessa Cox
LYGO 1880 Oxford Debbie Lygo
MARGETTS Any Any James Margetts
MERRY Any Oxford Terri Bonham-Samuels
MIDDLETON >1900 Any Maureen Short
PAINTIN Any Oxford, Witney Terri Bonham-Samuels
PARKER >1783 Piddington Vanessa Cox
POUND >1772. Stanton Harcourt Vanessa Cox
PROFFIT <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
PROPHET <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
ROWLAND c1800 Any Maureen Short
SAVORY c1750 Any Maureen Short
SHEPHERD 1814 Oddington Brenda Purves
WILLOUGHBY >1900 Kidlington and surrounding areas Susan Chance
WRIGHT 1818 Ambrosden Paul Wright

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Dec 042018

On Monday, 28 January, Ian Wheeler will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on:

Four Generations at Fair Mile Hospital, Cholsey

This presentation aims to examine a wide range of aspects of the county lunatic asylum system bequeathed to the nation by high-minded Victorian thinking. It does so through Ian Wheeler’s family connections with Fair Mile, Berkshire’s asylum from 1870; nine of his family worked there in a period of a little over a century. A key message is that, although ultimately in need of reform, the asylums were a force for good and that their value and importance has been overshadowed by a long-standing ‘bad press’ – some of which is simple misunderstanding and some the result of miserly government policy.

Ian Wheeler has spent years at a time in selling, purchasing, quality assurance, academic editing and train driving without causing major disasters. Most of his employers were enjoying better fortunes by the time he departed; some were beyond salvation. Now a gentleman of leisure, he tries to get around to all those tempting little retirement projects that beckoned as he slaved at his desk. In reality he spends most of his time slaving at a different desk and reflecting on the culpable fiction that is information technology.In quieter moments, Ian enjoys good literature, walking and classical music. He is also a performing folk musician, a morris dancer and a railway modeller, which goes to show that nothing in life is perfect.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with the talk starting at 8:00pm. Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be advisors offering computer and genealogy help, and tea and coffee will be available.

Nov 292018

FamilyTreeDNA, having just finished one sale, now have another one on for the month of December 2018. If there is a male in your family who has Oxfordshire ancestors on his surname line, why not buy him a test for the holiday season? Y-37 is $99 and Y-67 is $179 so saving (in UK money) about £50-80 per test. See

We need more males tested for our surname/DNA project as we are beginning to gather together our results with big strides forward planned for 2019. So you’d be  helping the project enormously if you helped more Oxfordshire males to be tested. If you want to buy a Y-DNA test and join the Oxfordshire project in one go, then go to and click on the ‘join’ button then buy your test. We need you to send us your/the male’s brief family history when you have bought the test to show us your Oxfordshire connections.

Due to some benefactors, there are also reduced price tests available (and some are even free) for those males with the surname ancestry of TOWNSEND in the Drayton St Leonard/Abingdon area;  MILAM and variants from the Henley area; RIMAN/RYMAN/RYMEL; PRATLEY/SPRATLEY and two other tests if you have great Oxfordshire surnames we need – see our list of asterisked surnames at

Please contact if you want to discuss if you qualify for these special tests or have any questions.

Make your Oxfordshire DNA project administrators and surname researchers happy in December!

Nov 272018

You are invited to Oxfordshire Family History Society’s Christmas Forum, our December computer-focussed meeting, this coming Monday, 3 December, at Exeter Hall, Kidlington.

Rather than there being a set subject, the meeting will be an opportunity for the computer group panel and the audience to raise and discuss recommendations, comments and queries about software and hardware relevant to records for us as genealogists.  We’re expecting a lively evening!

There will also be festive fare to set the seasonal mood.

The meeting will be held at the usual venue at Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1AB.  The doors will open at 7:15pm, with the meeting starting at 7:30pm.

Do come – with your thoughts for discussion!  Non-members are welcome too!

Nov 142018

FamilyTreeDNA have announced a one week sale with some very good discounts. If you have Oxfordshire ancestry and were thinking of a DNA test now is a good time to buy one. Maybe you can buy a test as a present for a relative for Christmas? We are especially keen to have males with their pure male line ancestry based in Oxfordshire tested to help out surname research project, although are happy to have all Oxfordshire ancestry testers in the project. You can see all the surnames we are researching and need DNA for at: Oxfordshire surname Project


Y-DNA 37: Was $169 now $99 (about £66)

Y-DNA 67: Was $268 now $179

Y-DNA 111: Was $359 now 219

Family Finder (autosomal test): Was $79 now $49 (about £32)

Maternal DNA: Was $199 now $139

Y-DNA is for Males only and tests the pure male line, autosomal is for all testers and shows cousins on all lines but only back about 5 generations, maternal DNA is for everyone but tests the pure female line.

Other tests are also in the sale.

Go to and click on the ‘join’ button if you have Oxfordshire ancestry and are buying a test which will include those lines. We will ask you to tell us about your Oxfordshire ancestry when you join.

Any queries please contact


Nov 122018

In case any members would like to come to this –

Exhibition (St Nicholas, Islip 11-5pm daily ) contains 40 laminated posters giving details of the 25 local people killed in action with photographs, Commonwealth War Graves Commission details, and biographies

(as much as known) plus 52 others who fought and survived with details of where they lived, worked and died, supported by photographs and newspaper cuttings including Robert Graves (lived in Islip 1921-6).



Nov 092018

In case you have not noticed, this Armistice-100 weekend has brought  free military record offers from Ancestry/Fold3, FindMyPast and MyHeritage.

If you think it all finished at 11am on 11-11-1918, have a read of this blog post:
The war that did not end at 11am on 11 November


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