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ShelfBox FileOld Ref.TITLEAUTHORColumn1Column2RColumn3ACQUIRED
A1SBF01-Agricultural Hand Tools Shire Album No. 100Brigden, R1997LMISCJun 2008
A1SBF01Q103Bands, Village & Town Shire Album No. 61Weir, C.1981LMISC
A1SBF01Q108Baskets & Basketmaking Shire Album No. 92Heseltine, A.1996LMISC
A1SBF01Q105Brewing & Breweries Shire Album No. 72Lovett, M.1996LMISC
A1SBF01-Church Monuments. Shire Album No. 149.Kemp, B.1997reprintLMISCAug 2006
A1SBF01Q104Cotton Industry, The Shire Album No. 63Aspin, C.1995LMISC
A1SBF01Q101Dairying Bygones. Shire Album No. 29Ingram, A.1997LMISCJun 2008
A1SBF01Q111Knitting. Framework Shire Album No. 119Palmer, M.1990LMISC
A1SBF01Q110Lost Trade Routes Shire Album No. 108Toulson, S.1983LMISC
A1SBF01Old Farm Buildings Shire Album No 10Harvey, N1997LMISCJun 2008
A1SBF01-Spinning & Spinning Wheels Shire Album No 43Leadbeater, E1983LMISCJun 2008
A1SBF01Q211Trade Tokens The Shire Album No. 79Newmark, J1981LMISC
A1SBF01Q106Victorian Chemist & Druggist. The Shire Album No. 80Jackson, W.A.1996LMISC
A1SBF01Q102Victorian Ironmonger,The Shire Album No. 32Meadows, C.A.1997LMISC
A1SBF01Q112Victorian Sailor. The Shire Album No. 131Marcombe, D.1995LMISC
A1SBF01Q107Woollen Industry, The Shire Album No. 81Aspin, C.1994LMISC
A1SBF02Q202Cooking. Old Utensils Shire Album No. 177Eveleigh, D.J.1997LMISC
A1SBF02Q206Firemen's Uniform Shire Album No. 273Wright, B.1991LMISC
A1SBF02Q201Shoemaking Shire Album No. 155Swann, J.1997LMISC
A1SBF02Q203Silk Industry, The Shire Album No. 194Bush, S.1993LMISC
A1SBF02Q207Turnpike Roads Shire Album No. 283Wright, G.N..1997LMISC
A1SBF02Q204Victorian Farmer, The Shire Album No. 262Eveleigh, D.J.1996LMISC
A1SBF02-Victorian Public House, The Shire Album No. 423.Tames, R.2003LMISCAug 2006
A1SBF02Q208Victorian Schoolroom, The Shire Album No. 302May, T.1998LMISC
A1SBF02Q209Victorian Undertaker, The. Shire Album No. 330May, T.1996LMISC
A1SBF02Q210Victorian Workhouse, The Shire Album No. 334May, T.1997LMISCJun 2008
A1SBF03P1017Basic Approach to Illuminating your Family History with Picture Postcards.Chapman, P.2000LMISC
A1SBF03Q301Basic approach to Keeping your Family RecordsSwinnerton, I.19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF03Q315Basic approach to Making Contact with RelativesAmsden, P.C.1999LMISC
A1SBF03T1309Basic facts about – Lunatics in England & Wales for Family Historians.Faithfull, P.2002LMISC
A1SBF03Q304Basic facts about - Record Offices for Family Historians, using; Wood, T.19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF03Q305Basic facts about - Sources for Family History in the HomeSwinnerton, I.1995LMISC
A1SBF03Q316Basic facts about – Using Education RecordsChapman, C.R.1999LMISC
A1SBF03Q312Basic facts about - Using the Family Records CentreCollins, A.1997LMISC
A1SBF03P12/5Basic facts about - Descendant Tracing.Wood, T.2002LMISC
A1SBF03-Electoral Registers 1832-1948 & Burgess RollsGibson, J.2008LGIBSONSep 2008
A1SBF03PT02Family History, Basic Sources Part 1, Back to the Early 1800sTodd, A.19892nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF03PT01Family History, How to tackle your.. a preliminary guide for the beginnerFFHS19953rd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF03P1003Lets start Family HistoryFFHS2000LMISC
A1SBF03T1312Record Offices; How to find themGibson, J. & Peskett, P.20029th. Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF03P809Some Medieval Records for Family Historians.Franklin, P.1994LMISC
A1SBF04Q710Gypsies. Sources for the Family History of, On the Gypsy TrailMcgowan, A.1998LMISC
A1SBF04T915Gypsy Books - Spring 2000 Catalogue.Cottage Books.2000LMISC
A1SBF04P705Manorial Records A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.1996LMCL.
A1SBF04Q403My Ancestors came with the ConquerorCamp, A.J.1990LMISC
A1SBF04Q404My Ancestors moved in England or WalesCamp, A.J.1994LMISC
A1SBF04Q407My Ancestors were Freemen of The City of London.Aldous, V.E.1999LMISC
A1SBF04T1315My Ancestors were GypsiesFloate, S.S.1999LMISC
A1SBF04Q409My Ancestors were Manorial TenantsPark, P.B.19942nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF04Q807Royal Ancestors, Tracing yourDuncan, J.1994LMISC
A1***Q309Basic facts about - English Nonconformity for Family Historians.Gandy, M.1998LMISC
A1SBF05-Basic facts about – Methodist Records for Family HistoriansRatcliffe, R. 2005LMISCDec 2005
A1SBF05-Basic facts about – The Wesleyan Methodist Historic RollRatcliffe, R. 2005LMISC
A1SBF05T1310Jewish Home & Family, Genealogical resources within theWenzerul, R.2002LMISC
A1SBF05Q405My Ancestors were BaptistsBreed, G.R.19953rd EdLMISC
A1SBF05Q406My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England & Wales,with list of RegistersClifford, D.J.H.1992LMISC
A1SBF05Q501My Ancestors were English Presbyterian's/Unitarians, how can I find out more?Ruston, A.1993LMISC
A1SBF05Q408My Ancestors were Jewish, How can I find out more about them ?Mordy, I.19952nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF05Q410My Ancestors were Methodists, How can I find out more about them ?Leary, Rev. W.19902nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF05Q502My Ancestors were Quakers, how can I find out more ?Milligan & Thomas19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF05P707Nonconformist Ancestors. A McLaughlin Guide. Mclaughlin, E.1995LMCL.
A1SBF05Q706Nonconformity, Understanding the History & Records ofPalgrave-Moore, P.19882nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF05T1123Primitive Methodists – Witney Circuit;Rich memories of those grand people calledEmbling, W.J. -LMISC
A1SBF05-The Chapel & The Nation, Non-conformity & The Local HistorianWatts, M.R.1996LMISC
A1SBF06P314British Family History on CDRaymond, S.A.2001LMISC
A1SBF06P802Dates & Calendars for the GenealogistWebb, C.1994LMISC
A1SBF06P803English Genealogy, A BibliographyRaymonds Bibliography Guides19963rd EdLMISC
A1SBF06Genealogical sources in the Guildhall Library, a guide toGuildhall Library Guide No. 119984th. Ed.LMISCMar 2009
A1SBF06Q504Parish Register Copies in the SOG LibrarySociety Of Genealogists199511th EdeLMISC
A1SBF06Q510SOG Library, Sources for Anglo-Indian Genealogy in the Taylor, N.1990LMISC
A1SBF06Q503SOG, Using the Library of the Society Of Genealogists1991LMISC
A1SBF06Tracing your British AncestorsChapman, C.R.19962nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF06-Tracing Your Nineteenth Century Family History.Raymond, S.A.2005LMISCDec 2005
A1SBF06-Tracing Your Twentieth Century Family History.Raymond, S.A.2005LMISCApr 2006
A1SBF06T18/6Writing Family History, Half way toTempleton, I.1985LCSB/K
A1SBF07Q303Basic approach to Latin for Family Historians.Gandy, M.1995LMISC
A1SBF07-Basic facts about - Archives.Lumas, S.B.1997LMISC
A1SBF07Q311Basic facts about - Using Baptism Records for Family Historians.Litton, P.M.1996LMISC
A1SBF07Q318Basic facts about - Using Death & Burial Records for Family Historians.Gibbens, L.19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF07Q313Basic facts about - Using Marriage Records for Family Historians. Litton, P.M.1996LMISC
A1SBF07T 719Birth & Death Certificates in England & Wales; 1837 to 1969Dixon, B.1999LMISC
A1SBF07P902Church Registers; An Introduction toGibbens, L.1994LMISC
A1SBF07R4T10District Register Offices in England & WalesEast Yorkshire Family History Society199713th Ede.LREF
A1SBF07Q513How to use the Bernau IndexSharp, H.1996LMISC
A1SBF07P711Latin.. Simple Latin for Family Historians. A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.19913rd EdLMCL.
A1SBF07-Marriage Indexes for Family Historians.Gibson,J./ Hampson,E./ Raymond,S.20089th. Ed.LGIBSONOct 2007
A1SBF07T 718Marriages & Certificates in England & WalesDixon, B.2000LMISC
A1SBF07-Records of the Church of England, A Practical Guide for Family HistoriansBourne, S. & Chicken, A.H.19912nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF07R4T01Register Offices of BMDs in Gt. Britain & Northern IrelandPrice, Victor19972nd. Ed.LREF
A1SBF07Q509SOG Library, School, University & College Registers & Histories in the Society Of Genealogists1988LMISC
A1SBF07PT06St Catherine's House Districts; an alphabetical listWiggins, R.LMISC
A1SBF07-Tracing Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths.G.R.O.1994LMISC
A1SBF08P401ABishops Transcripts & Marriage Licences, Bonds & Allegations. Location Guide.Gibson, J.20015th. Ed.RGIBSON
A1SBF08Q506Boyd's Marriage Index, List of Parishes inSociety Of Genealogists1992LMISC
A1SBF08T904London; Irregular Marriage in, before 1754Benton, T.1993LLBO/C
A1SBF08P605Marriage Laws, Rites, Records & CustomsChapman, C.R.1996LMISC
A1SBF08-Phillimore's Marriages; Index to Parishes inRosier, M.E.B.19912nd. Ed.RMISC
A1SBF08Q505SOG Library, Marriage Licences; Abstracts & Indexes in the Society Of Genealogists1991LMISC
A1SBF09P601British Education, Growth and its RecordsChapman, C.R.19922nd. Ed.LMISC
A1SBF09P714Company & Business Records for the Family HistorianProbert, E.D.1994LMISC
A1SBF09P403Coroners' Records in England & WalesGibson, J. & Rogers, C.19972nd. Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF09P1012County Records – Help for History Students, No. 62.The Historical Association1973LMISC
A1SBF09P716County Records – Help for History Students, No. 62.Emmerson & Gray1987LMISC
A1SBF09P511Family Historians, Specialist Indexes forGibson & Hampson20002nd. Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF09P1105Friendly Society Records, an introduction toLogan, R.2000LC/SBK
A1SBF09PT10Historical Research. How to master mysteries of..Adventures of Archive Annie.Sloss, J.1995LMISC
A1SBF09Q808Medical Professions; Records of the, a practical guide for Family Historians.Bourne, S. & Chicken, A.1994LMISC
A1SBF09-The Medical Archives and Their ArchivesAmsden P1999LApr 2011
A1SBF10-The Census 1801-1911, A GuideFamily History Partnership2009LMISCOct 2009
A1SBF10P715Census Registration Districts, Index to 1841-1891Rosier, M.E.B.19955th Ed.LMISC
A1SBF10P402Census Returns 1841 - 1891 in Microform, Directory to Local HoldingsGibson, J.19946th Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF10P602Censuses & Population Listings, Pre 1841 in the British IslesChapman, C. J.19944th Ed.LMISC
A1SBF10P702Censuses 1841 – 1891; Use & Interpretation. A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.19956th Ed.LMCL.
A1SBF10P512Local Census Listings 1522 - 1930, Holdings in the British IslesGibson, J.19973rd EdLGIBSON
A1SBF10Q809Victorians on the Move; Research in the Census books 1851-81Mills, M. D.1984LMISC
A1SBF11P701Annals of The Poor. A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.19945th. Ed.LMCL.
A1SBF11P708Poor are always with us, The A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.1994LMCL.
A1SBF11P1103Poor Law Documents before 1834, an introduction toCole, A.20002nd Ed.LC/SBK
A1SBF11P501Poor Law Union Records; 1. South East England & East AngliaGibson, J.1993LGIBSON
A1SBF11-Poor Law Union Records; 2. Midlands & Northern EnglandGibson, J.20083rd Ed.LGIBSONSep 2008
A1SBF11P504Poor Law Union Records; 3. South West England, The Marches & WalesGibson, J.19932nd Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF11P505Poor Law Union Records; 4. Gazetteer of England & WalesGibson, J.1993LGIBSON
A1SBF12Q319Basic Facts about – using Colindale & Other Newspaper Repositories.Collins, A.2001LMISC
A1SBF12P111British Genealogical Periodicals, Vol. 3 Part 1 SourcesRaymonds Bibliography Guides1993LMISC
A1SBF12P111ABritish Genealogical Periodicals, Vol. 3 Part 2 FamiliesRaymonds Bibliography Guides1993LMISC
A1SBF12P102British Genealogical Periodicals; a bibliography of their contents Vol. 1Raymonds Bibliography Guides1991LMISC
A1SBF12P103British Genealogical Periodicals; a bibliography of their contents Vol. 2Raymonds Bibliography Guides1991LMISC
A1SBF12P801British Genealogical Periodicals; a bibliography of their contents, Supp. 1 misc. JournalsRaymonds Bibliography Guides1994LMISC
A1SBF12-Get it Into PrintParchment
A1SBF12P904Newspapers & Periodicals; An Introduction to using Chapman, C.R.1996LMISC
A1SBF12T1311Newspapers, Local 1750 - 1920 England & Wales. Location.Gibson, J.20022nd Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF12PT05Publish it yourself & make it PayTempleton, I.1985LMISC
A1SBF13Q702Courts of Equity, A guide to Chancery & other Legal RecordsGerhold, D.1994LMISC
A1SBF13P405Hearth Tax; other later Stuart Tax Lists and Association Oath RollsGibson, J.19962nd Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF13P407Land & Window Tax AssessmentsGibson, J.19982nd Ed.LGIBSON
A1SBF13-Poll Books, c1696 - 1872; Directory to Holdings in Great BritainGibson, J.& Rogers,C20084th Ed.LGIBSONSep 2008
A1SBF13P507Protestation Returns 1641-42 & other contemporary listingsGibson, J.1995LGIBSON
A1SBF13-Quarter Sessions Records for Family HistoriansGibson, J.20075th Ed.LGIBSONOct 2007
A1SBF13P709Quarter Sessions; Your Ancestor & The Law. A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.1995LMCL.
A1SBF13Q508SOG Library, Directories & Poll Books in the Edwards, L.1989LMISC
A2SBF14Q515Handwriting, Examples of. 1550 - 1650Buck, W.S.B1996LMISC
A2SBF14Q704Handwriting. Secretary Hand; ABC BookIson, A.1982LMISC
A2SBF14P1002Heraldry can be fun.Swinnerton, I.19882nd Ed.LMISC
A2SBF14P315Libraries, Using, Workshops for Family HistoriansRaymond, S.A.2001LMISC
A2SBF14P1011Palaeography and Forgery.Hector, L.C.1959LMISC
A2SBF14-Photographs, Dating Nineteenth Century.Pols, R.2005LC/SBKDec 2005
A2SBF14-Photographs, Dating Twentieth Century.Pols, R.2005LC/SBKApr 2006
A2SBF14Q707Photographs. Understanding OldPols, R.1995LMISC
A2SBF14Q708Photographs; Dating Old.Pols, R.19952nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF14P710Reading Old Handwriting. A McLaughlin Guide.Mclaughlin, E.19872nd. Ed.LMCL.
A2SBF15Q804Ancestral Anomalies.Southwick, M.1996LMISC
A2SBF15Q705First Name VariantsBardsley, A.19962nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF15Q906One Name Gathering; Organising a Ulph, C.1988LMISC
A2SBF15Q709One-Name Group; Forming a Palgrave, D.19924th Ed.LMISC
A2SBF15P1004Organising a Family History Conference.FFHS20002nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF15-Sources for One Name Studies & for other Family HistoriansChristmas, B.M. 1991LMISC
A2SBF15P406Unpublished Personal Name Indexes in Record Offices & LibrariesGibson, J.19872nd. Ed.LGIBSON
A2SBF15Q711Visitation Pedigrees and the GenealogistSquibb, G.D.1964LMISC
A2SBF16P1015Building Control in Victorian England.Gaskell, S.M.1983LMISC
A2SBF16-Gamekeeper: Memoirs of a Country ChildhoodRawlings, L1977LC/SBKJun 2008
A2SBF16-I Love Life, The NHS is OursCalcutt D2004
A2SBF16Q703Lloyd's Marine Collection & Related Marine sources at the Guildhall libraryGuildhall Library Guide 719942nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF16P1016Men of Iron - The Wilders of WallingfordTwhas1983LLocal Interest
A2SBF16P807Occupational Sources for Genealogists, A BibliographyRaymonds Bibliography Guides1992LMISC
A2SBF16P905Occupations; An Introduction to - A Preliminary ListCulling, J.19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF16T17/3Researching Brewery & Publican AncestorsFowler, S.2003LC/SBK
A2SBF16Q507SOG Library, Maritime Sources in the Hailey, J.1997LMISC
A2SBF16P812Trades, The Book of, or Library of Useful Arts, 1811 – Part 1Hurley, B.1977LMISC
A2SBF16T10/20Transactions of the Turnpike Road Trusts - Henley Area.Crocker, J.1993LLocal Interest
A2SBF16P1019Turnpikes & Canals 1780s – 1840s.Johnston, M. & Whitehead, C. -LL/BOC
A2SBF16P514Victuallers' Licences; Records for Family and Local Historians.Gibson, J. & Hunter, J.1994LMISC
A2SBF16P604Weights, Money & other Measures.How Heavy, How Much, How Long.Chapman, C.R.1995LMISC
A2SBF17R4T02London Apprentices, Vol. 1 Brewers' Company.Webb Cliff1996LREF
A2SBF17R319London Apprentices, Vol. 2 Tylers' Company 1612 - 1644, 1668 - 1800Webb Cliff1996LREF
A2SBF17R4T03London Apprentices, Vol. 3 Bowyers' Co., Fletchers' Co., Longbowstringmakers' Co.Webb Cliff1996LREF
A2SBF17R4T04London Apprentices, Vol. 4 Glovers' Company.Webb Cliff1997LREF
A2SBF17R4T05London Apprentices, Vol. 5 Glass-sellers' Co., Woolmens' Co.Webb Cliff1997LREF
A2SBF17R4T06London Apprentices, Vol. 6 Frameworkknitters' Co., Fruiterers' Co., Gardeners' Co., Horners' Co.Webb Cliff1997RREF
A2SBF17R4T07London Apprentices, Vol. 7 Glaziers' Company.Webb Cliff1997RREF
A2SBF17R4T08London Apprentices, Vol. 8 Gunmakers' Company.Webb Cliff1997RREF
A2SBF17R4T09London Apprentices, Vol. 9 Needlemakers' Co., Pinmakers' Co.Webb Cliff1997RREF
A2SBF18-Births, Marriages & Deaths on the Web, Part 1; South England,The Marches & WalesFFHS20052nd. Ed.RMISCApr 2006
A2SBF18-Births, Marriages & Deaths on the Web, Part 2; Midlands, N. England & East Anglia.FFHS20052nd. Ed.RMISCApr 2006
A2SBF18-British History & Heritage on the Web, A Directory.Raymond, S.A.2004LMISCDec 2005
A2SBF18Q601Computers for Family History; An Introduction to Hawgood, D.19893rd EdRMISC
A2SBF18P12/1Computers for Genealogy, An Introduction to UsingHawgood, D.20023rd EdRMISC
A2SBF18Q602Family Search on the Internet.Hawgood, D.1999RMISC
A2SBF18Q603GEDCOM Data Transfer; Moving your Family TreeHawgood, D.19942nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF18Q604Genealogy on the MacintoshTippey, D.1996LMISC
A2SBF18T812Genealogy, Finding on the InternetChristian, P.20022nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF18P1013GENUKI – UK & Ireland Genealogy on the InternetHawgood, D.2000RMISC
A2SBF18Q605IGI on ComputerHawgood, D.1998LMISC
A2SBF18T813One-Place GenealogyHawgood, D.2001LC/SBK
A2SBF18Q609Web Publishing for GenealogyChristian, P.19992nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF19PT08Graveyards, How to record.Jones, J.19792nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF19PT09Monumental Inscriptions; Rayment's notes on recordingPattinson, P.19924th Ed.LMISC
A2SBF19PT07Monuments & their Inscriptions; A Practical Guide toWhite, H.L.1978LMISC
A2SBF19-Non-conformist, Roman Catholic, Jewish & Burial Ground RegistersGuildhall Lib. Research Guide No.619932nd. Ed.LMISC
A2SBF19POL 2Police History Monograph No.1; Notes for Family Historians.Waters, L.A.1987LMISC
A2SBF19POL 1Police Uniform & Equipment. Shire Album No. 270.Clarke, A.A.1991LMISC
A2SBF19POL 6Reading Borough Police Register 1865-1880Richmond, C.2004LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF19POL 5Reading Borough Police Register 1881-1904Richmond, C.2004LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF19Q512SOG Library, Inscriptions in the, Part 2 North England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & OverseasCollins, L.1987LMISC
A2SBF19Q511SOG Library, Monumental Inscriptions in the, Part 1 Southern EnglandCollins, L.1984LMISC
A2SBF19POL 3Thames Valley PoliceThames Valley Police1993LLocal InterestApr 2005
A2SBF19POL 4Thames Valley Police, A History ofThames Valley Police2004LLocal InterestApr 2005
A2SBF22Q314Basic facts about – Catholic Ancestry in England, Tracing yourGandy, M.1998LMISC
A2SBF22Q907Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 1 London & the Home CountiesGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q902Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 2 Midlands & East AngliaGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q903Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 3 Wales & West of EnglandGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q908Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 4 North East EnglandGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q904Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 5 North West EnglandGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q905Catholic Missions & Registers, 1700-1880, Vol. 6 ScotlandGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF22Q901Catholic Parishes in England, Wales & Scotland, An AtlasGandy, M.1993LMISC
A2SBF23COWCowley, Bartlemas Chapel, GuideP.C.C.1989LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF23COWCowley, SS. Mary & John Church, GuideP.C.C.1989LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF23COWCowley, St. Alban's Church, GuideP.C.C.1989LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF23T10/03Oxford, Christ Church Cathedral.Council Of Christ Church Cathedral1958LC/SBK
A2SBF23T710Oxford, Diocesan Year Book 1989The Diocese Of Oxford1989LC/SBK
A2SBF23-Oxford, Guide to Oxford Cathedral.Soc. - Promoting Christian Knowledge1937LC/SBK
A2SBF23T1108Oxford, St. Cross Church, Holywell, GuideP.C.C.1957LC/SBK
A2SBF23T311Oxford, St. Giles ChurchWood, L.1977LC/SBK
A2SBF23T10/10Oxford, St. Mary The Virgin Church.P.C.C. -6th. Ed.LC/SBK
A2SBF23T1105Oxford, St. Michael at the North Gate Church, GuideMartin, Rev. R.R.19575th. Ed.LC/SBK
A2SBF23T1103Oxford, St. Peter in the East Church, Guide,- Now a College Library.P.C.C. -LC/SBK
A2SBF23QT12Oxford, Wesley Memorial Chapel, GuideChapel -LC/SBK
A2SBF24 T14/19Abingdon, Notes on Three Churches, 1943P.C.C.1943LC/SBK
A2SBF24T102Abingdon, St. Helen's ChurchP.C.C.1976LC/SBK
A2SBF24T18/2Alvescot and its pastMason, D.R.1965LCSB/K
A2SBF24T10/01Appleford, SS. Peter & Paul ChapelryP.C.C.1950LC/SBK
A2SBF24T104Banbury, St. Mary's ChurchCarpenter, Rev. R.P.R.1963LC/SBK
A2SBF24T12/10Banbury, St. Mary's Church - Building & Furnishing ofCooper, N.1972LC/SBK
A2SBF25-Beckley,Church of the Assumption..., A Guided TourP.C.C.1999LC/SBK
A2SBF24QT01Bicester, St. Edburg's ChurchP.C.C.1955L C/SBK
A2SBF24QT02Bladon, St. Martin's ChurchP.C.C. -LC/SBK
A2SBF24QT03Bladon, St. Martin's ChurchP.C.C.1989LC/SBK
A2SBF24T123Bladon, St. Martin's ChurchP.C.C.1970LC/SBK
A2SBF24T107Brightwell Baldwin, St. Bartholomew's ChurchFraser, A.C.1981LC/SBK
A2SBF24QT04Broughton Poggs cum Filkins, St. Peter's Church, GuideP.C.C.1989LC/SBK
A2SBF24QT05Broughton with North Newington, St. Mary the Virgin ChurchP.C.C.1972LC/SBK
A2SBF24T1104Bucknell, St. Peter's Church, GuideThomas, K.B. -LC/SBK
A2SBF24T111Burford, Church, GuideFriends Of Burford Church1984LC/SBK
A2SBF24T124Burford, Parish ChurchP.C.C.19605th. Ed.LC/SBK
A2SBF24BURBurford, Priory of Our LadyWoodgate, M. V. -LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF24T114Chalgrove, St. Mary's Church – A Pilgrims Guide.Bartlett, S.1986LC/SBK
A2SBF24T113Chalgrove, St. Mary's Church – The Medieval Wall PaintingsHeath-Whyte, R.W.19953rd EdLC/SBK
A2SBF24T1106Checkendon, St. Peter & St. Paul Church, GuideP.C.C.1978LC/SBK
A2SBF24CHILChilton, All Saints Church, GuideP.C.C.1986LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF24T1107Chinnor, St. Andrew's Church, GuideP.C.C.1969LC/SBK
A2SBF24T14/18Chinnor, St. Andrew's Church, GuideP.C.C.1936LC/SBK
A2SBF24T117Cholsey, Church, A History ofClarke, M.L.1982LC/SBK
A2SBF24CHURChurchill, All Saints Church, GuideP.C.C.1980LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF24CLAClaydon, St. James The Great Church, GuideP.C.C. -LC/SBKApr 2005
A2SBF24T1124Clifton Hampden, St. Michael & All Angels ChurchP.C.C. 199??LC/SBK
A2SBF24T118Cottisford and its ChurchSargeant, Rev J.M.1972LC/SBK
A2SBF24T202Cumnor, St. Michael's Church – A Short History ofRayson, T.1959LC/SBK
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A2SBF24T203Deddington, SS. Peter & Paul Church.P.C.C. -LC/SBK
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A2SBF25KIDLKidlington Baptist Church.1991LC/SBK
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A2SBF25T14/13Wantage, St. Peter & St. Paul Church – What We want & Why.P.C.C. 197?LC/SBK
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A3SBF27T12/16Bloxham Foeffees- -LLocal Interest
A3SBF27T12/6Bloxham Railway Station, 1887 – 1964Donaldson & Huntriss1987LLocal Interest
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A3SBF29T209C Eynsham Record, The, No. 23, 2006Eynsham History Group2006LC/SBKFeb 2008
A3SBF28T209AEynsham. Our Shop.Sawyer, J.1977LC/SBK
All Eynsham Records are on CD & OFHS computers
A3SBF29T14/15Fifield MerrymouthGoshawk, E.1962LLocal Interest
A3SBF29T211AGarsington, A Brief GuideGarsington Local History Group19912nd. Ed.LC/SBK
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A3SBF29T409Grove; An artist's walk through Old, Part 2 of 5.Fuller, B.1987LC/SBK
A3SBF29T410Grove; An artist's walk through Old, Part 3 of 5.Fuller, B.1987reprintLC/SBK
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A3SBF29T412Grove; An artist's walk through Old, Part 5 of 5.Fuller, B.1990LC/SBK
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A3SBF30T14/7Iffley, Who Built Iffley Church. Publication No. 5.Iffley Local History Soc.2001LLocal Interest
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A3SBF31T302BKidlington, A History of Oxford Road. Occasional Series No. 7.Kidlington Dist. History Soc.1996LC/SBK
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A3SBF31T16/11Kidlington, Memories of Vol. 2.Kidlington & District Historical Society2002LC/SBK
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A3SBF31T304Long Wittenham 1800 - 1920, a brief historyBurk Jewess, K.1984LC/SBK
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A3SBF32T137Ramsden, A Wychwood VillageAllport, D.H.1965LC/SBK
A3SBF32T10/11Rousham House, GuideOfficial Guide -LC/SBK
A3SBF32T138Rousham House.Official Guidec1970LC/SBK
A3SBF33-Ashmoleum Museum, Alfred & Minster Lovell JewelsAshmoleum Museum1961LC/SBKOct 2009
A3SBF33T713Cowley Fathers, TheEdwards, M.1998LC/SBK
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A3SBF33T12/18F CAPE & Co. From Drapers Shop to Department StoreFoster, R. O.C.C.1973LLocal Interest
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A3SBF33T1121On Foot in Oxford, No. 11 - North-East of Carfax.O.C.C.1985LC/SBK
A3SBF33T1118On Foot in Oxford, No. 2 - Cowley.O.C.C. -LC/SBK
A3SBF33T1119On Foot in Oxford, No. 8 - Summertown.O.C.C. -LC/SBK
A3SBF33T1120On Foot in Oxford, No. 9 - North-West of Carfax.O.C.C.1980LC/SBK
A3SBF33T12/20Oxford Canal, TheBritish Waterways -LLocal Interest
A3SBF33T12/13Oxford CastleHassall, T.G. -LLocal Interest
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A3SBF33T12/19Oxford Gardens, TwelveSturdy, D.1980LLocal Interest
A3SBF33T10/08Oxford, All Souls CollegeAll Souls College -LC/SBK
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A3SBF33-Oxford, The Origins ofOxford Br., English-Speaking Union -LC/SBK
A3SBF33T12/15Oxford, The Story of, Occasional Paper No. 4Oxfordshire County Council -LLocal Interest
A3SBF33QT14Oxford, The Turf TavernBayliss, M.J. -LC/SBK
A3SBF34SALSalford, The People ofThe Eureka Partnership2006LLocal InterestApr 2007
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A3SBF34-Stanton Harcourt; A Short History.P.C.C.19672nd. Ed.LC/SBK
A3SBF34STJStanton St. John, Village TrailNutt, D.19791992ReLLocal InterestOct 2007
A3SBF34-Stanton St.John, Fulfilling A Trust- Charity School to Holford Centre.(Pts.1-6)Roden, R.2005/07RLocal InterestFeb 2008
A3SBF34STOKStoke Row, An Illustrated History of The Maharajah's Well.Guide Book1986LLocal InterestApr 2005
A3SBF34T14/4Stonesfield, The Parish of, Census 1801-1831The Eureka Partnership2002LC/SBK
A3SBF34-Summertown Congregational Church, BMDs & Membership Records.The Eureka Partnership2006LLocal InterestAug 2006
A3SBF34T402Tackley to Tasmania, pauper emigration from Tackley 1845 - 46Mckay, B.19922nd. Ed.LC/SBK
A3SBF34T401Tackley, Tracks Through Time, a short history of the villageHarrington, J.19953rd EdLC/SBK
A3SBF35T 717Heyford Upper, The History ofPearson, J.W.1907LLocal Interest
A3SBF35T10/16Wallingford on Thames, A Guide to Borough Of Wallingford.1955LC/SBK
A3SBF35T10/16Wallingford on Thames, A Guide to Borough Of Wallingford.1955LC/SBK
A3SBF35T404Wallingford, A Walk Round GuideWallingford H & A Society1977LC/SBK
A3SBF35T10/15Wallingford, Charter Pageant. 1955Borough Of Wallingford.1955LC/SBK
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A3SBF35T12/1Wantage Tramway, TheWilkinson, R.1974LLocal Interest
A3SBF35T407Wantage; A visitor's guideFuller, B.1991LC/SBK
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A3SBF35T506AWolvercote Papers, Number 3.Wolvercote Local History Soc.2000LC/SBK
A3SBF36T10/02Blenheim, Short Guide to InteriorBlenhiem Palace. -LC/SBK
A3SBF36T513Whitchurch on Thames, The Story of a Thames-side VillageBaker, J.H.1956LC/SBK
A3SBF36T503Witney; Two Men's Ministries, 2 Rectors of Witney 1864-1904Smith, C.1983LC/SBK
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A3SBF36T139Woodstock Official Guide.Woodstock Corp.1970LC/SBK
A3SBF36QT19Woodstock, Welcome toThames & Chilton Tourist Board.1979LC/SBK
A3SBF36T507Woodstock; Introduction toShelmerdine, J.M.19812nd. Ed.LC/SBKJun 2008
A3SBF36WROWroxton Abbey – A Short Guide to the Pleasure GroundsWroxton College1979LLocal InterestApr 2005
A3SBF36T18/5Wroxton Abbey, GuideOfficial Guide1971LCSB/K
A3SBF36WYCHWychwood LHS Journal, An Index to Journals Nos. 1 – 19.Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.2004LLocal InterestApr 2006
A3SBF36WYCHWychwood LHS Journal, No. 20.Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.2005LLocal InterestApr 2006
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A3SBF36T509AWychwoods History, No. 15. Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.2000LC/SBK
A3SBF36T508Wychwoods History, No. 3.Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.1987LC/SBK
A3SBF36T509Wychwoods History, No. 8.Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.1993LC/SBK
A3SBF36Wychwoods History, No. 24Wychwoods Local Hist. Soc.2009LC/SBKOct 2009
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A3SBF36T141Wytham The Parish of Sparks, M.1980LC/SBK
A3SBF36T512Yewden Manor and GreenlandsPetrie, A.F.19902nd. Ed.LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1506Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 1 No. 3.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1981LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1507Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 1 No. 5.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1982LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1508Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 2 No. 6.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1987LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1502Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 3 No. 2.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1989LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1501Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 3 No. 3.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1989LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1503Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 3 No. 5.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1990LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1504Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 3 No. 7.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1991LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1505Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 3 No. 8.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1992LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1509Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 4 No. 1.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1992LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1301Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 4 No. 2.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1993LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1301AOxfordshire Local History Vol. 4 No. 3.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1993LC/SBK
A3SBF38T1302Oxfordshire Local History Vol. 4 No. 5.Oxfordshire Local History Soc1994LC/SBK
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B6--Journal of One Name Studies - Vol. 7 No. 102004RREF
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