Alan Simpson

Nov 242015

The last OFHS Meeting for 2015 will be the Computer Group Christmas Forum on 7th December and will take place in the small Exeter Hall meeting room, starting at 19:30.

We will follow the same Open Forum Discussion format that worked well last year, with a break at “half-time” for some festive refreshment.

I hope to see you there.


Apr 252015

haiThe latest release in the Oxfordshire Family History Society series of illustrated monumental inscription CDs is for the church of St John the Evangelist at Hailey, now one of four churches within the parish of Witney.

It contains photographs & transcriptions, for all the stones in the graveyard surrounding the present church and also those in the graveyard surrounding the original chapel, opened in 1761.

Monument of Daniel Godfrey died 1761The chapel was demolished after the present church was consecrated in 1869 but its graveyard remains with many of the stones still readable, including the one shown here which commemorates Daniel Godfrey, who was buried on 18th September 1761 and who may well have been the first person to be buried in the chapel graveyard.

The CD costs £6.00 including postage and is available through the OFHS shopping cart, or by cheque – details at , along with many similar CDs for other parishes.

A similar CD for St Mary’s church at Witney was published several years ago and many of the team members who recorded the monuments at Hailey are now busily recording at another of the Witney parish churches, Holy Trinity, at Woodgreen, Witney. Watch this space!

Apr 252015

cem-occThis new CD from Oxfordshire Family History Society provides access to the transcribed grave registers of the four Oxford City Cemeteries. These are:

  • BOTLEY 1894-2007
  • HEADINGTON 1899-2008
  • ROSE HILL 1894-2010
  • WOLVERCOTE 1894-2009

The entries may be viewed sorted by date or by grave location and there is a combined Name Index covering all four cemeteries. Outline plans of the cemetery enable you to determine the approximate location of any given grave within the cemetery.

The CD costs £17.5 and the order code is OXF-CEM-OCC. It may be purchased on-line from our CD order page at:

If your browser is able to play flash video you can even watch my brief “talk through” of the CD at

Sep 042014

If you came to Christopher Fance’s talk “Searching Beyond These Shores” on 4th August, or indeed if you were unable to make it to the actual meeting, you may be interested to know that there is now a list of the web sites Christopher discussed, on the OFHS web site at:

This includes a very comprehensive list of Australian and New Zealand sites that we hardly had time to touch on at the meeting. Definitely worth a visit if you are researching ancestors “down-under”.

Jul 222014

affidavitFrom 1666 onwards parliament passed a succession of “Burying in Woollen” acts, with the aim of supporting the local woollen trade. You will often come across references to these in early burial registers. If you are not familiar with these acts, you will find them described on our Oxfordshire Family History Society  “Hints & Tips from the Search Desk” page at

But have you ever wondered what the affidavits look like? At South Newington church there are several framed early examples on display and these are included on the new OFHS Memorial Inscription CD for that parish OXF-MI-SNT.  Many of the early ones were extremely artistic, as witness the example from 1688 shown in miniature here. This can be seen in slightly more detail on the “Hints & Tips” page mentioned above but if you really want to see it in all its fully readable glory you will need to buy a copy of the OXF-MI-SNT CD which includes it and several others from dates between 1688 and 1795. A mere snip at just £6.00!

Jul 222014
South Newington MI CD

South Newington MI CD

The latest release in the Oxfordshire FHS series of illustrated memorial CDs is for South Newington. It costs a mere £6, including postage.

It contains photographs & transcriptions, sometimes with details from the burial registers for comparison, of around 400 gravestones in the churchyard together with other inscriptions, such as wall plaques and stones within the church. Each stone or plaque, etc, is described as well as photographed and transcribed, and there’s a detailed map of the churchyard, the church and the parish cemetery, with every plot linked to the relevant memorial.

There’s a full name index, also linked to the relevant memorial, with full name, age and year of death.

The CD is available through the OFHS shopping cart, or by cheque – details at , along with many similar CDs for other parishes.


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