Jun 112020

At the OFHS Executive meeting on the 3 June the decision was taken to not hold our annual Fair this year due to the uncertainties over Covid-19.  This decision was made with much sadness, particularly as we had already done quite a lot of work on the Fair (booking the venue, catering and tables and inviting stallholders).

There is the logistical problem of providing social distancing measures and restricting the number of people in the venue at any one time.  Equally for OFHS there is the problem of providing all the help that we have in the past.  As many of our volunteers are potentially in the vulnerable groups it would be very difficult to provide the search services etc. that many of our visitors to the Fair use.

We intend to hold the Fair next year, on 2 October, and will start our organising at the beginning of January 2021.

  2 Responses to “Oxfordshire FHS Fair – 3 October 2020”

  1. That’s a very sensible and “Fair” outcome. Far better to give folks certainty now than to have to make a late decision to cancel. One can only speculate as to what other complications might have arisen over the Summer, for example will the need for social distancing means that schools are operating on a six-day week by then ?

    Fingers crossed that we are back to normal by Autumn 2021.

  2. A Wise Decision. Thanks for your help. see you next year.

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