Jun 082020

The following surnames were added to the OXfordshire Surname Interest List in December: –

ALCOCKAnyBanbury, Chipping Norton, Stow-on-the-WoldHilary Darque
ALLCOCKAnyBanbury, Chipping Norton, Stow-on-the-WoldHilary Darque
AYORSAnyBanburyHilary Darque
BEAL18c – 20cAnyJune Tipping
BEALE18c – 20cAnyJune Tipping
BLENCOWEAnyBicesterMartin Aldridge
BOWENAnyAnyJoanne Bowen
BRADLEY1700-1800ShiltonHazel Stirgess
BROOKES1850 – 1925OddingtonBrian Bridges
COLYER1700-1800AnyJane Townsend
CONSTABLE19cMiddleton StoneyAndrea Weider
CRESWELLAnyAnyColin E Allen
CROXFORD1640SydenhamJan Hutchinson
EDENSAnyAnyDerek Hunt
ELFORDAnyAnyTrevor Elford
EYERSAnyBanburyHilary Darque
FAULKNER1500-1600BurfordJane Townsend
FISH1700 – 1940BanburyWalter Veldsman
FLEMING>1732WheatleyGay Moller
GODFREY>1854GarsingtonGay Moller
HANKSc.1775-1798Long HanboroughJan Gregory
HAYLEY1600Aston RowantJan Hutchinson
HILLSDONAnyWheatleyJoanne Bowen
HUGGINS>1844GarsingtonGay Moller
LITTLEPAGE1650Aston RowantJan Hutchinson
MARTIN>1741WaterstockGay Moller
MESSENGER>1858GarsingtonGay Moller
MILLS1500-1800BurfordJane Townsend
MUNTAnyCuddesdonMargaret Brown
PHIPPSAnyBodicoteHilary Darque
POWELLAnyBicesterIan Malins
RADFORD1692 – 1858Waterstock, Albury, GarsingtonGay Moller
STACEYAnyBanbury, BodicoteHilary Darque
TASKERAnyAnyMargaret Brown
TOOVEYAnyAnyMargaret Brown
VICARSAnyBanburyHilary Darque
VICKERSAnyBanburyHilary Darque
WHITE1720Aston RowantJan Hutchinson

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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