Jun 022020

Although lockdown is starting to ease, it is clear that we will not be restarting meetings in the Exeter Hall for some months. Similarly, we have no news as to when we might be able to restart our helpdesk sessions in Libraries and the Oxfordshire History Centre.

On the positive side, yesterday evening (Mon 1 June) we held our first online meeting with 100 members present (one member even joined us at 4am in her local time!)

More online meetings will be planned, but I’m afraid the popularity of last night’s meeting suggests we will not be opening those up to non-members! You may feel that our membership fee is a bargain for being able to attend meetings with so many other members present.

See – https://www.ofhs.org.uk/introduction.html
and – https://www.ofhs.org.uk/join.html

Our Helpline – help@ofhs.org.uk or 01865 358151 – remains available.

  4 Responses to “COVID-19 the continuing saga”

  1. Last night’s online meeting was excellent. The tech – Zoom – worked well, about a hundred members from across the globe “attended” and we had a good speaker too.

    I was “engaged” with the talk for two hours. That is far less than it takes to drive to a meeting, park and to drive home afterwards. And there are no travelling expenses when joining digitally from home.

    Of course, there are some online classes that the researcher can pay to join, but these tend to be expensive. These new online lectures make OFHS membership valuable in itself, and they are just one of the numerous benefits of joining !

  2. I much enjoyed last’s night talk and it was very well done – must have taken a lot of hard work . As I never am abel to go to t he monthly meetings it was very good to be able to have this one online . Next time I must have the laptop plugged in as I went through the whole battery and left earlier than planned!!

  3. This was a superb event. I have been a member since the 1990s and this has been the first meeting I have been able to attend.
    Will there be a Zoom meeting for the Computer Group ?

    • That was a Zoom meeting of the Computer Group Mike – even if we did have double the number our usual room can hold. News on more Zoom meetings will be sent to members as and when …

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