Jul 122019
The following surnames were added to the OXfordshire Surname Interest List in June
BAYLISS<1870Handborough (Long)Holly Herda
BERRY>1700WitneyNena Carter
BUCKINGHAMAnyCowleyJane Baird
BUCKLEAnyBicesterDiana Roads
CALCUTTAnyWitneyGordon Parker
CASTLEAnyDucklingtonGordon Parker
CHAVASSE1700-1800BurfordJan Harris
CLAPTON> 1850OxfordPaul Landon
COLLETT<1746Charlton on Otmoor, FencottStephen Collett
COLLIS>1700WitneyNena Carter
COLLIS19cBampton, DucklingtonCarolyn Ramsbottom
COWLEY> 1950OxfordPaul Landon
DRINKWATERc.1850Tackley, HeadingtonRosalea Webby
DUMBLETON1700-1900Tadmarton, North NewingtonSandra Hawkins
EARLY1600-1700WitneyAlison Charter-Smith
FOSTER> 1950OxfordPaul Landon
LEDBETTER1750-1900Banbury, North NewingtonSandra Hawkins
MARRIOTT1600-1750WitneyAlison Charter-Smith
MILLEN>1700WitneyNena Carter
PARMEEAnyWitneyGordon Parker
PAXTONAnyGreat HaseleyBeverley Corney
PAXTON<1800FinmereBeverley Corney
PLOWMAN> 1900AnyPaul Landon
PUCKETT>1700WitneyNena Carter
RUSSELLAnyStanton Harcourt, EynshamJanet Price
SAUNDERS1600-1800Aston Rowant areaGraham Towerton
SKELCHER1750-1930Banbury, Broughton, North Newington, MollingtonSandra Hawkins
SLINGO>1700WitneyNena Carter
TOWERTON1600-1800AnyGraham Towerton
WASHINGTON1600-1760Gosford, Kidlington, BletchingdonDavid Green
WELLSTOOD>1650Oxford, IffleyBrenda Morris
WHITE1600-1800Aston Rowant areaGraham Towerton
WHITLEY<1870Handborough (Long)Holly Herda
WINFIELD>1700WitneyNena Carter

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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