Mar 092019

The following names were added to the OXfordshire Surname Interest List last month.

Surname Time Place Researcher
BULLOCK >1880 Sandford on Thames Carol Todd
BULLOCK <1880 Sutton Courtney Carol Todd
CLARK Any Henley Alan R Clark
DAGLEY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
DREWETT <1842 Thame Ros Bamford
DREWITT <1842 Thame Ros Bamford
FENNIMORE Any Any Robin Stutchbury
GREGORY <1650 Woodstock, Wootton Emma Hartley
HAMILTON ANY Chipping Norton area Max Hamilton
HAVELL 1898 Any Gillian McArthur
HEDDING 1815-1860 Witney Alastair Honeybun
HOBCRAFT <1750 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
HOBCROFT <1800 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
HUMPHRIES 1788-1860 Finmere Geoffrey Barber
KIRBY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
KNIBBS 1788-1860 Finmere Geoffrey Barber
PAVIER <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
PAVIOUR <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
ROWNEY Any Any Paul Rowney
SELSTONE 18c Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
SLAYMAKER Any Old Marston Tracey James
SMITH >1796 Any Tim Watts
SULSTON 18c Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
SULSTON 19c Piddington Michael Dumbleton
TEASDALE Any Any Robin Stutchbury
TYLER <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
WAKELIN <1750 Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
WAKELYN <1750 Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
WEEDON Any Any Robin Stutchbury
WELLS Any Fewcott Robin Stutchbury
WEST Any Fewcott Robin Stutchbury
WILSON-STUCHBURY Any Any Robin Stutchbury

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

  2 Responses to “Surnames added to OXSIL in February”

  1. Hello Bill
    I have recently traced my father’s family,name Stockford to Steeple Barton & Middle Barton,I don’t know if anyone has done any research into these Stockford
    Kay Sage

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