Feb 012019

On Monday, 4 February 2019, Alan Simpson will talk to Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS) and visitors on Photographing and Transcribing Old Books, at the Exeter Hall, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, at 7:30pm (you’re welcome earlier!).

Alan has been photographing various books both for OFHS and his own family use, since first getting a digital camera around the year 2001. During the course of this he has come up with a number of techniques for making the job easier. In his talk he will be describing these and illustrating the results from an assortment of books ranging from an amazingly neat copy book written in 1860 by his then 13 year old step great grandfather to the amazingly untidy collected notes of a mid 19th century vicar of Forest Hill.

Alan is very involved with OFHS, from being Monumental Inscriptions Co-ordinator, to carrying out searches in the OFHS databases for clients, to being lead on the computer group panel.

Non-members of OFHS are very welcome to come to the meeting!

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