Oct 072018

The following surname interests were added to OXSIL in September

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Names Studies.

Surname Time Place Researcher
BEECHEY 18c Any Douglas James
BERRY <1850 Any Marion Towers
BLESS Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLESSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISS Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLYSSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BUCKINGHAM 1700-1800 Any Marion Towers
CHURCHILL 1750 – 1850 Salford Betty Riley
COLLCUTT Any Any Simon Collcutt
DEROUSSIER 19c Oxford Colin Harris
FIDLER Any Witney Nena Carter
FINMORE Any Any Frank Carter
GYLES c1630 Bletchingdon Peter Giles
HAINES <1800 Any Sonja Swann
HARRIS 18-20c Oxford Colin Harris
HAYNES <1800 Any Sonja Swann
HIGGS <1900 Hook Norton Janice Brown
HIGGS 18c Dorchester-on-Thames Jo Berryman
HIGGS >1850 Banbury Janice Brown
JAMES Any Wychwood Forest Douglas James
JAMES <1650 Witney, Bampton Douglas James
JOYNER Any Any Howard Fisher
KENDALL 18c Bampton area Tracy Brown (from Burns) DiPietro
KNIGHT Any Any Howard Fisher
LAMBERT 18-19c Aston & Oxford Colin Harris
MILES 19C Wheatley Anne Ledwith
PAVIER 18-19c Oxford Colin Harris
PIMM 19-20c North Hinksey Colin Harris
PIPKIN Any Any Howard Fisher
SMITH 19c Bladon Colin Harris
STAMP c1916 Wheatley Anne Ledwith
SUMMERS c1916 Wheatley Anne Ledwith
SUMMERS Any Any Howard Fisher
THOMAS 18-19c Wytham Colin Harris
VINER 1700-1800 Any Marion Towers

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.


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