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Now available onine: the full list of surnames under research

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  1. Would be interested in Hildesley of Crowmarsh Gifford also Lupton and Arden of Wallingford. Upton are supposed to link with Arden according to:


    203/501 actual page 176 second paragraph also most of way down on the rhs:

    Also Fenne/Fienne and Moeles (Mule) as indicated in second paragraph above.

    • John are you descended from the Arden/Lupton family in Oxfordshire? If so we would love to see a summary of your family tree and add you to the list we have of researchers of given surnames for our surname project – possibly for Hildesley of Crowmarsh Gifford?

      When we review individual surnames then we contact researchers to see the details of your research and share what we have as a bigger picture of the surname as a whole across the whole county.

      If you are interested then forward the details to surname-project@ofhs.org.uk

      • Hi Oxfordshire FHS,

        We are definitely Illsley probably of East or West Ilsley in the Compton 100, Berkshire. As such there is a possibility that we link with the Hildesley family of Beenham Warks and Crowmarsh Gifford Oxon. The Lupton name links to Leeds and Wallingford; we have a mega YDNA match with the name Lupton on FTDNA (GD of 3 over Y 111 including an unusual genetic marker DYS 458 = 21 which is outside the norm) and then Goggans, Eslick and Wilson. We also have a BigY with FTDNA.
        My family tree is a generic one from Ancestry and is predominantly plagiarised from other peoples trees but I am happy to invite you to it or copy it to you. We have had contact with descendants of Ilsleys in America and England through DNA who have the same progenitor William Ilsley 1540 (of Compton or Beenham) who married Joanne Piper of Landulph. There is only a record of the Beenham William Ilsley (1545) whose wife is recorded as Elizabeth? The Compton registers only go back to 1553.
        If we do link with the Hildesleys then we go back much further and link more strongly with Oxfordshire. e.g. Robert Hildesley (of peasemore) second husband of Isabella Haudlo (St Amand of Bloxham, Oxon).
        My mother and father were not from Banbury where I was brought up (not born). Originating from North London.
        The Arden, Arderne link is in my Ancestry tree where there is a record of a John Ilsley/Hildesley 1480 marrying a Maggie Ilsley 1488 born Aston Cantlow, Warks buried Stratford on Avon. Unfortunately, we have not been able to ascertain the origin of the record; most likley Salt Lake City. We do match on atDNA with the names Webb, Arden (descendants), Mucklowe/Muxlow, Moore, Reeves,Grey and quite strongly with Boone (Who link to Webb, Arden, Wilson and Grey). Tony Hadland with whom I have been in contact recently has many of these names in his publication on Thames Valley Papists. Circumstance appears to have thrown these families together and they intermarried. Many of them had considerable land before Elizabeth I and so there is a considerable geographic area that they cover.
        I’m left wondering whether the most common denominator might be Anglo Saxons of the Thames Valley….

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