Oct 042018

Now available onine: the full list of surnames under research

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  1. Would be interested in Hildesley of Crowmarsh Gifford also Lupton and Arden of Wallingford. Upton are supposed to link with Arden according to:


    203/501 actual page 176 second paragraph also most of way down on the rhs:

    Also Fenne/Fienne and Moeles (Mule) as indicated in second paragraph above.

    • John are you descended from the Arden/Lupton family in Oxfordshire? If so we would love to see a summary of your family tree and add you to the list we have of researchers of given surnames for our surname project – possibly for Hildesley of Crowmarsh Gifford?

      When we review individual surnames then we contact researchers to see the details of your research and share what we have as a bigger picture of the surname as a whole across the whole county.

      If you are interested then forward the details to surname-project@ofhs.org.uk

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