Aug 132018

54 days till the 2018 Oxfordshire Family History Fair at Marlborough School in Woodstock comes round. Do not forget that this event has free parking and free entry to all areas. The catering is done by ‘Good Food’ a company who have served us well in past years with a good range of hot and cold drinks and various edible items.
This year we are welcoming both Glamorgan FHS and Suffolk FHS. Glamorgan is especially interesting because of the link between the two steel foundry centres. I understand that there was a fair amount of migration from Glamorgan to the Cowley car factory and this might be quite relevant to some family historians in the area.
In this centenary year of the conclusion of the 1st WW it will be very appropriate to have the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, as well as the unknown Soldier and Western Front Association present. Military figures have figured frequently in this year and the various events have been well covered by the press both here and abroad.
During the Fair there will some of the OFHS computer experts helping visitors to track down their relatives and there will be practical help with exploring the DNA possibilities to find other relatives.
Sadly, Shropshire FHS is now longer able to attend this year as I reported in my last blog, but we hope to see them in another year.

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