Apr 072018

The following surnames were added to the Oxfordshire Surnames Interest List (OXSIL) in March

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ANSELL Any Burford Lesley Springate
BRADSHAW 1761-1841 Faringdon, Wallingford Greg Bradshaw
BURMAN <1825 Bloxham, Barford St. Michael Jennifer Wilhelmi
BUSBY dna <1800 Any Tom Busby
COLLIER Any Witney Mike Sandon
COOPER Any Lew, Bampton, Burford Mary Skeemer
COTESFORD <1650 Any John Scotford
COTSFORD Any Any John Scotford
COTSFORD Any Launston, Twyford Brenda Timms
COTTESFORD Any Any John Scotford
COULDREY <1700 Kingston Bagpuize ,Marcham, Childrey, Longworth Philippa Humphreys
COUNCER Bloxham Andrea Green
EUSTACE <1800 Chinnor Harvey Warner
FAWDRY 1825-1925 Bloxham Andrew Hunt
FOSTEKEW Any Any Kevin Harris
GARDNER 1680-1788 Hornton Valerie Elkington
HARWOOD Any Church Hanborough, Cogges, Witney, Woodstock, Eynsham, Oxford, Tackley, David Briggs
HOARE 1700-1917 Goring, Mapledurham Denis Hoare
HOBBS Any Banbury, Neithrop Brenda Timms
HONEYBONE <1800 Ascott-under-Wychwood Harvey Warner
HUMPHREYS 18c Garsington, Elsfield Jane Brooker
HUNT Any Eaton Hastings Andrew Hunt
JORDAN Any Burford Lesley Springate
LAWRENCE <1850 Britwell Baldwin, Milton, Appleford Rosemary Davies
LONDON 1780 to 1880 Whitchurch Elaine London
LUCAS 17C Watlington John Paul Bradford
MAWLE >1897 Bloxham Andrew Hunt
MOTT Any Headington Barbara Moe
NEAL 1828-1895 Hook Norton Andrew Hunt
NICHOLLS Any Kidlington, Headington Barbara Moe
PARKER 19c Long Handborough, Wootton, Woodstock Jane Dubsky
PARKINS Lower Heyford, Bicester Roger Parkins
PENN Any Neithrop, Banbury Brenda Timms
PHILPOTT 1880s Oxford Trevor Philpott
PHIPPS Any Oxford Trevor Philpott
ROBINSON Any Neithrop, Banbury Brenda Timms
SAMMONS Any St. Peters in the East Oxford Brian James Sammons
SHIRLEY <1825 Bloxham, Barfort St. Michael Jennifer Wilhelmi
SOUCH Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SOUCH Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
STONE Any St. Ebbe, St. Aldate David Williams
SUCH Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SUCH Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SYCHE Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SYCHE Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SYLVESTER Any Burford Witney Lesley Springate
TIPPING Any Any Lesley Springate
WALTON <1800 Yarnton Harvey Warner
WARNER Any Southleigh Harvey Warner
WHITE Any Ascott-under-Wychwood Harvey Warner

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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