May 022017

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in April:

dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service
and the researcher is keen to find bearers of the same surname to join a DNA project.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ALLEN Any Bicester Gail Stevens
BUSBY 1700-1870 Piddington Reg Watson
BUTLER 1800 – 1880 Any Rae Reynolds
CLARKE <1900 Any Sue Powell
FIDLER <1814 Witney James (Jim) Fidler
GRUBB 19c Black Bourton Lee Large
HAWKINS <1817 Witney James (Jim) Fidler
OSMOND 19C Bicester Gail Stevens
PHIPPS dna <1800 Any Alan Phipps
STEVENS 1600-1800 Bicester Gail Stevens
TAMAN >1680s Bicester Gail Stevens
THORNHILL 1860-1935 Wantage Jade Burrell
WALKER <1879 Bicester Edith McIntyre
WALKER <1879 Blackthorn Edith McIntyre
WOOTTON 1600-1800 Bicester Gail Stevens

You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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