Apr 032017

The following surname interests were added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List in March:

dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service
and the researcher is keen to find bearers of the same surname to join a DNA project.

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Names Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BEVILACQUA Any Any Joyce Herzog
BLISSETT c.1680 Wallingford (Hagbourne) Deborah Feld
BOILEAU Any Any Joyce Herzog
BOLTON Any Witney, Enstone Becky Bolton Clawson
BUCKINGHAM All Hailey Kay Campbell
CAUDELL 1830 to 1900 Any Martin Caudell
DRINKWATER Any Any Joyce Herzog
DUTTON <1820 Witney Pauline Kennedy
DUTTON >1770 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
FREEMAN Any Witney Becky Bolton Clawson
GODSON Any Any Celia Dodd
HAZELL 1880 Kidlington Jennifer Luff
HOLLIDAY <1860 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
KEMP Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPE Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPF Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPS Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPT Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
MILLIN Any Ramsden Kay Campbell
MOULDER <1740 Bampton, Witney Pauline Kennedy
NEIGHBOUR >1730 Watlington, Pyrton Margaret Christine Carter
ORPWOOD <1775 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
PETTIFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford Pauline Kennedy
PETTYFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford Pauline Kennedy
POKINS Any Witney, Comb, Garsington Becky Bolton Clawson
RAILTON Any Any Janet Harris
RAY <1800 Stanton St John, Thame Pauline Kennedy
RECKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKET Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETS Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETTS dna Any Any Susan Meates
RICKETTS Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKIT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
SHEPHEARD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPHERD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPPARD Any Witney Becky Bolton Clawson
SHEPPARD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPPERD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SIDERY <1820 Any Pauline Kennedy
SIDREY <1820 Any Pauline Kennedy
SMITH Any Hailey, Northleigh Kay Campbell
TOLLET <1800 Holton, Oddington Pauline Kennedy
TOLLIT <1800 Holton, Oddington Pauline Kennedy
TRINDER 1880 Cumnor Jennifer Luff
VAISEY <1800 Joan Reid
VARNEY Any Any Eileen Chapman
WALL 1790-1850 Any Allan Wall
WILLIAMS <1780 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
WRECKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
WREGGITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons

Have you entered your surnames of interest?  To do so, visit www.oxsil.org.uk and use the dark blue “Add surnames” tab.  Although the website is primarily for Oxfordshire interests, it also acts as the Oxfordshire FHS Surname Interest List – if you’re an OFHS member you’re welcome to add your non-OXF surnames also.  Use the OFHS members tab.

OXSIL’s Admins are Paul Brazell & Bill Seary

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