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The following names under research have been added to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List, OXSIL, at www.oxsil.org.uk, during November and December 2016 :

Surname             Timeframe   Place                   Researcher

ALLUM             Any             Any                     Andrew Jolly

ARNOLD          <1645          Standlake            Fiona Hedges

BAKER             Any             Banbury              Sue Thompson

BAKER             1600-1800   Bicester               Sue Thompson

BAKER             c1650          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

BATHE              >1600          Tackley, Kirtlington     Malcolm Hoare

BIGNELL          c1700          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

BILLINGHAM c.1800         Banbury              Malcolm Hoare

BLOXHAM       <1870          Deddington, Wigginton          Christine Reynolds

BLOXHAM       <1820          Tadmarton, Bloxham, Wiggington      Eryl Bloxham

BOSELEY         <1800          Standlake            Fiona Hedges

BOWELL           <1870         Over Worton      Christine Reynolds

BOWERMAN   All               All                       Fiona Hedges

BRADSHAW    c1600          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

BURCHELL      c.1800         Banbury              Malcolm Hoare

BURGESS         c1600          Witney                Fiona Hedges

CADLE              <1750          Faringdon           Fiona Hedges

CARLOSS         18c-19c       Any                     Anne Ramon

CAWDELL       <1750          Faringdon           Fiona Hedges

CHURCH          <1680          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

CLACK             <1745          Bampton – Chimney    Fiona Hedges

CLARK             >1750          Aston                  Fiona Hedges

COCKHEAD    <1850          Blackbourton, Brize Norton, Broadwell.        Haydn Ebbs

COLLINS          <1600          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

COX                   <1660          Cumnor               Fiona Hedges

COXETER         <1700          Bampton             Fiona Hedges

DANCE             Any             Any                     Mel Roberts

DEANE             >1700          Banbury              Eileen Chapman

DIGWEED        Any             Wallingford, Benson   Andrew Jolly

DORVILLE       <1750          Lower Heyford  Fiona Hedges

DUDSON          <1750          All                       Fiona Hedges

EDMUNDS       <1850          Witney                Fiona Hedges

EGGLINTON    <1730          Shutford             Fiona Hedges

FAWDRY          1700-1790   Any                     Roger Fawdry

FLOREY           Any             Any                     Anne Ramon

FRANKLIN      <1700          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

GARBETT         1900-1960   Bicester               Fiona Hedges

GERARD          <1680          Checkendon       Fiona Hedges

GERARD          c1600          Swinbrook          Fiona Hedges

GRIFFIN           >1650          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

GURLYE           <1660          Bampton             Fiona Hedges

HANKS             <1730          Bampton             Fiona Hedges

HARRIS            <1850          Standlake            Fiona Hedges

HAZELL           <1730          Bampton             Fiona Hedges

HAZELL           >1800          Blackthorn          Fiona Hedges

HAZELL           >1700          Goosey               Fiona Hedges

HAZELL           <1850          Standlake            Fiona Hedges

HEART              <1800          Ambrosden         Fiona Hedges

HEART              <1650          Piddington          Fiona Hedges

HEATHE           >1600          St. Giles, Oxford. Tackley. Banbury. Neithrop.          Malcolm Hoare

HEATHE           >1600          Tackley, Banbury         Malcolm Hoare

HERRING         >1800          Coleshill              Fiona Hedges

HEYLIN            <1650          Burford               Fiona Hedges

HEYLIN            <1700          Minster Lovell    Fiona Hedges

HICKMAN        <1860          Standlake            Fiona Hedges

HITCHCOCK   <1850          Launton              Fiona Hedges

HOARE             >1600          St. Giles, Oxford. Tackley. Banbury. Neithrop.          Malcolm Hoare

HOARE             >1600          Tackley, Neithrop, Banbury    Malcolm Hoare

HOWSE             <1780          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

HUMPHREY    <1860          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

HUMPHRIES    Any             Any                     Janet Cox

HUMPHRISS    >1800          Stratton Audley  Janet Cox

HUTCHIN         18c-19c       Any                     Anne Ramon

HUTCHINGS    18c-19c       Any                     Anne Ramon

JACKSON         <1850          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

JEFFS                 <1750          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

JONES               <1750          Blackthorn          Fiona Hedges

JOY                    <1700          Little Coxwell    Fiona Hedges

KIRBY              <1750          Blackthorn          Fiona Hedges

KNIBBS            c.1772         Stratton Audley  Janet Cox

LEWIS               <1850          Witney                Fiona Hedges

LINE                  1600-1850   Any                     Martin Line

LINES                c.1800         Banbury              Malcolm Hoare

LOVESAY        <1900          Any                     Angela Fortnum

MAINARD        1837            Summertown      Kathryn Harris

MERRIMAN     Any             Any                     Christine Norris

MITCHELL       <1650          Cumnor               Fiona Hedges

NEVILLE          1700-1850   Any                     Graeme Vincent

NORRIS            <1750          Blackthorn          Fiona Hedges

OAKLEY          Any             Any                     Christine Norris

PARGITER       <1750          Tadmarton, North Newington Judy Evans

PRATER            Any             East Hendred     Mel Roberts

READINGS      Any             Wallingford        Andrew Jolly

REDGATE        17c              Witney                Fiona Hedges

RIDER               17c              Witney                Fiona Hedges

ROBERTS         Any             East Hendred     Mel Roberts

ROGERS           <1730          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

RYMALL          <1700          Any                     Angela Fortnum

SEYMOUR       Any             Wantage             Mel Roberts

SIMONS            Any             Any                     Karen Simons

SKIDMORE      Any             Tackley, Neithrop, Banbury    Malcolm Hoare

SMITH               <1830          Blackthorn          Fiona Hedges

SQUIBB            <1875          Ewelm                Andrew Jolly

STONE              <1640          Goosey               Fiona Hedges

STONE              <1640          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

TANNER           17c              Bicester               Fiona Hedges

TAWER             <1620          Stanford in the Vale    Fiona Hedges

TAYLOR           1700-1800   Bicester               Sue Thompson

TIMBERLAKE <1820          Beckley               Charles Whitehead

WALKER          <1900          Piddington          Fiona Hedges

WARRICK        Any             Wallingford        Andrew Jolly

WARWICK       Any             Wallingford, Moulsford          Andrew Jolly

WEBSTER         c.1800         Banbury              Malcolm Hoare

WHITEHEAD   <1899          Headington, Beckley   Charles Whitehead

WHITING         Any             Marcham             Eileen Chapman

WIGGINS         Any             Little Milton       Eileen Chapman

WILLIAMS       <1850          Middleton Stoney        Fiona Hedges

WILSON           1885-1910   Stratton Audley  Fiona Hedges

WOODLEY       Any             Wallingford, Crowmarsh Gifford, Newnham Murren            Andrew Jolly

WOOTTON       <1720          Bicester               Fiona Hedges

WRIGHT           Any             Any                     Paul Wright

Have you entered your surnames of interest?  To do so, use the dark blue “Add surnames” tab.  Although the website is primarily for Oxfordshire interests, it also acts as the Oxfordshire FHS Surname Interest List – if you’re an OFHS member you’re welcome to add your non-OXF surnames also.

OXSIL ‘s Admins are Paul Brazell & Bill Seary

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