Mar 222016

On Monday, 4 April 2016, Alex McGahey, from the Society’s computer group panel, will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on
Burial Grounds – Are They A Dead End?”.Wm and Mary Fitchett  Gt Coxwell

The talk will endeavour to show what is (or is not) available on grave stones and other memorials and also look at some web sites.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with Alex’s talk starting at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be a warm welcome for all.

More details of our meetings can be found at

To tempt us to attend the talk, Alex has sent this photo of a stone, inscribed with the words:

In loving Memory of William Fitchett died October 18th 1899 aged 79 years
and to Mary, his wife, who died April 5th, 1905 aged 86

and the verse:

At eventide it shall be light.
Saint after saint on earth
have lived and loved and died
and as they left us one by one
we laid them side by side
we laid them down to sleep
but not in hope forlorn
we laid them down to slumber there
till that all glorious morn.

Alex says that the photo will feature in the talk, but why is it there?

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