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20160128_09201920160128_091953A couple of years ago, Oxfordshire Family History Society funded the scanning of about 4,000 parish registers of Oxfordshire. They had never been filmed, so the scans are a valuable back up, and can be viewed at Oxfordshire History Centre.  As reported in our journal, in due course, subject to date constraints, they will be available worldwide on Ancestry.co.uk.

Snce then, more registers have been deposited, and so a further 78 Oxfordshire parish registers, including several for Kidlington, Oxford St Ebbe, Launton, Minster Lovell & Thame, were taken off site recently for scanning, again funded by Oxfordshire FHS.

They were all checked into crates by Mark Priddey, the Archives Manager, and carefully packaged by Linda, one of the archivists.

In due course, the scans of these registers will also be available at the History Centre.

  2 Responses to “More scanning of parish registers funded by Oxfordshire FHS”

  1. Hello,
    I wonder if you could just remind me if the records for Garsington have been made available please?
    Thanks very much in advance,

  2. Alison – the parish registers for Garsington are transcribed for the dates:

    and are available on CD HED02 from http://www.ofhs.org.uk/CDsales.html#prs

    The scans cover further registers, such that the baptisms go to 1932 and the burials to 1960.

    If there is a specific event you want looking up, Alan of the search services http://searches.oxfordshirefhs.org.uk/ may be willing to send you the scan as part of his lookup service, at his discretion.

    What OFHS would like to do, of course, is have the missing years transcribed from the scans such that the transcript on the CD can be extended. Can I persuade you (or anyone else reading this) to volunteer for the task? If so, please contact me on volunteers@ofhs.org.uk

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