Jan 262016

books1age_ancient_antique.jpgOn Monday, 1 February 2016, Alan Simpson, from the Society’s computer group panel, and who also carries out our Search Services and is our Monumental Inscriptions coordinator, will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on “A Good Read – Old Books available on the Internet”.

The talk will cover Historic Books on the web, where to find them and how to read them.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with Alan’s talk starting at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be a warm welcome for all.

More details of our meetings can be found at www.ofhs.org.uk




  One Response to “A Good Read – Old Books available on the Internet – Oxfordshire FHS talk 1 February 2016”

  1. I would like to add for those in North America that here in Boston, MA, there is THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL LIBRARY.

    Lots of books for family historians

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