Nov 302015

We now have available on the bookstall a set of 6 books entitled Oxfordshire Workhouse Children 1850-1900: Abandoned, Apprenticed, and Boarded Out.  These are further books in the Black Sheep series, by Carol Richmond.Workhouse Children C-F

They relate largely to minutes of the Board of Guardians meetings of each Poor Law Union, and consist of short summaries of references to each child.

The books can be purchased using our shopping cart at

They will also be available at our Exeter Hall meetings at £5 each.

With thanks to our member Bill Seary, who’s worked with Carol, we have a full surname + forename index to these and the rest of the Black Sheep books.  Anyone who would like a lookup in this index is welcome to contact our helpdesk –

Each of these books relates to a portion of the alphabet of the children’s surnames, but they are also a rich name source for the masters to whom the children were apprenticed, and those to whom the children were boarded out. Workhouse snip

A sample of part of a page is shown here – click on the image to see it in better detail  Reports vary considerably in length; some are more than a page long.

Reviews of the books will be published in a subsequent Oxfordshire Family Historian.

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