Apr 182015

Fairmile1870sOn Monday, 27 April, Mark Stevens, County Archivist of Berkshire, will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on the subject of “Fair Mile Revealed : the Victorian Asylum”.  The Fair Mile Asylum, Cholsey, was previously known as Moulsford Asylum, and is now converted to apartments.

Mark says that “the talk offers a glimpse inside Berkshire’s county lunatic asylum. You can meet some of the patients, and find out more about what the Victorians hoped to achieve through asylum care”.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Kidlington, with the talk starting at 8:00pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be advisors offering computer and genealogy help, books for sale, and tea and coffee available.

Non-members are very welcome.

For more details, see www.ofhs.org.uk .


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