Sep 012014

FamilyTreeDNA is offering a sale on Y-DNA tests (only available to males) until 3rd September. Full details are below. We recommend you buy the most expensive test you can afford, but Y-37 is perfectly adequate for a first test.

Do participate if you can and join the Oxfordshire DNA project if your family with that surname has a long history of living in Oxfordshire. The Oxfordshire project can be found at


Y-DNA sale

As the season draws to a close, join us for one last celebration with our End of Summer Y-DNA Sale! Order a Y-DNA Test and join the world’s largest Y-DNA database. All Y-DNA tests and upgrades have been marked down for significant savings!Time is limited. Order now because the sale ends on 3rd September 2014.

As an added bonus, Big Y is also on sale for $495*. Big Y is the most comprehensive Y chromosome discovery test on the market. With Big Y, 340,000 years of Y-DNA ancestry is just a test away!



Y-37   Was  $169  Now  $129 (about £90)

Y-67   Was  $268  Now $199

Y-111  Was $367  Now  $279

Big Y   Was  $595  Now $495  (about £330)


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