Jul 222014

affidavitFrom 1666 onwards parliament passed a succession of “Burying in Woollen” acts, with the aim of supporting the local woollen trade. You will often come across references to these in early burial registers. If you are not familiar with these acts, you will find them described on our Oxfordshire Family History Society  “Hints & Tips from the Search Desk” page at http://searches.oxfordshirefhs.org.uk/tips.html#burials_woollen

But have you ever wondered what the affidavits look like? At South Newington church there are several framed early examples on display and these are included on the new OFHS Memorial Inscription CD for that parish OXF-MI-SNT.  Many of the early ones were extremely artistic, as witness the example from 1688 shown in miniature here. This can be seen in slightly more detail on the “Hints & Tips” page mentioned above but if you really want to see it in all its fully readable glory you will need to buy a copy of the OXF-MI-SNT CD which includes it and several others from dates between 1688 and 1795. A mere snip at just £6.00!

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