Jul 222014
South Newington MI CD

South Newington MI CD

The latest release in the Oxfordshire FHS series of illustrated memorial CDs is for South Newington. It costs a mere £6, including postage.

It contains photographs & transcriptions, sometimes with details from the burial registers for comparison, of around 400 gravestones in the churchyard together with other inscriptions, such as wall plaques and stones within the church. Each stone or plaque, etc, is described as well as photographed and transcribed, and there’s a detailed map of the churchyard, the church and the parish cemetery, with every plot linked to the relevant memorial.

There’s a full name index, also linked to the relevant memorial, with full name, age and year of death.

The CD is available through the OFHS shopping cart, or by cheque – details at http://www.ofhs.org.uk/CDsales.html , along with many similar CDs for other parishes.

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