Jun 062014

Ancestry has recently announced it is ending a number of its businesses, including genealogy.com and all its Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. See  Thomas MacEntee’s blog for details.

If you have had a Y-DNA test (or even an autosomal test) with Ancestry and want to transfer it to our Oxfordshire project please do so quickly, so you don’t lose it. The costs of transfer vary, but are $19-58 for Y-DNA and $69 for autosomal. Mitochondrial (female line) tests don’t appear to be transferrable. To transfer to our project, we need you to have 3 generations in Oxfordshire, at least going back into the 19th century. Go to the  Oxfordshire DNA project, click on the ‘join request’ button, pick Option B and scroll down to the transfer options at the bottom.

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