Sep 122013

Our talk on 7 October is on the Oxfordshire DNA project.  The talk is by Sue Honore, the project administrator, and is at 7:30pm in the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB.  Both OFHS members and non-members  are warmly welcome.

DNA presentation

The Oxfordshire DNA project was started in 2013 and is growing. In this talk Sue will cover everything from the idiots’ guide to DNA through to more advanced concepts and will show examples and stories from the Oxfordshire project and other parts of the globe. She will cover how DNA can help family historians and which tests work best. The hopes for the future of the Oxfordshire project will also be described. Questions from the audience will be welcome.

Sue Honore is better known as the OFHS Journal Editor, but also administers the Oxfordshire DNA project on along with the real expert, Richard Merry, in Australia. She has been researching her own and others’
family history for over 30 years, although her day job involves researching human behaviour in the workplace. In the very distant past she gained as degree in Biology, but avoided genetics. However, she turned to DNA when she hit a family tree brick wall and is now fascinated by its potential.


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