Nov 142017

FamilyTree DNA have announced a DNA sale for Christmas. Do order your DNA kit(s) in this sale as it will be worth it. A perfect Christmas present for a relative. The Y-DNA tests have about a £30 discount and it is even cheaper if your order through the Oxfordshire project. If you need help on understanding which kits are best for you and how to join/help the Oxfordshire DNA group with its DNA research, plese email  Prices are below. Please note postage is extra.


Individual Tests Sale price Regular price
Family Finder (FF) $59 $89
mtFull Sequence (FMS) $169 $199
Y-37 $129 $169
Y-67 $229 $268
Y-111 $299 $359
Test Bundles Sale price Regular price
Family Finder + Y-37 $178 $238
Family Finder + Y-67 $278 $337
FF + mtFull Sequence $218 $268
FF + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence $442 $536
Upgrades Sale price Regular price
mt/mtPlus to FMS $119 $159
Big Y $475 $575
Y-12 to Y-37 $69 $109
Y-25 to Y-37 $35 $59
Y-37 to Y-67 $79 $109
Y-37 to Y-111 $168 $228
Y-67 to Y-111 $99 $129



Oct 242017

On Monday, 27 November, Chris and Judy Rouse will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on:

The History of the Midland Railway and its Staff Records

This is a good starting point for research into railway ancestry – using our knowledge of the Midland Railway to provide examples. The speakers provide a brief history of the Midland Railway and then a more in depth look at the various types of records available for researchers: – Staff records held at the National Archives and elsewhere, Board of Trade Accident reports, Directors and other Minutes, Local and National newspapers, census records, photographs, maps and illustrations etc. Researchers can then adapt the techniques to researching their own particular railway ancestor on any British railway.

Chris Rouse, a retired Chartered Accountant has Midland Railway ancestry, including signalmen, platelayers and guards, He has always been keenly interested in researching the history of railways in England and Wales, was one of the first members of the Midland Railway Society, being its Annual President in 2008.He has written a series of articles on early Midland railway accidents, and other subjects relating to the Midland Railway. Judy Rouse, a retired librarian is a Family History researcher of long standing, with ancestry based in Wiltshire, Shropshire and Stafford shire. She is a member of Wilts FHS and amongst other things over the years has answered enquiries on its Monumental Inscriptions Index, and had a period as its General Secretary. Judy also has railway men among her ancestors, in her case working for the Great Western Railway Company, which she has been able to research successfully. She also gives talks and writes articles on her Wiltshire and Shropshire ancestry.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with the talk starting at 8:00pm. Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be advisors offering computer and genealogy help, and tea and coffee will be available.

Oct 182017

Oxford University’s “Lest We Forget” campaign (of which Oxfordshire FHS is a supporter) is running a collection (in the bring and digitise sense) event at Cheney School in the afternoon of Friday 10th November.

Links: — Lest We Forget (campaign)Lest We Forget (home) — Cheney School collection event
Poster for the Cheney School event (PDF download)

Oct 082017

This coming Monday, Monday 9 October 2017, the subject of our meeting will be “Putting your Family Tree online”, with the talk given by Alan Simpson and members of the computer group panel.

Alan says he will talk about about why one might put a tree on line and where/how one might do it.  He will cover getting web space and the various ways of putting up a tree, including what the relative advantages are.

Genes Reunited and Roots Magic will also be covered and there may be discussion in the meeting of other options for putting trees online.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with the meeting starting at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be a warm welcome for all.
More details of our meetings can be found at

Oct 022017

The OFHS Executive has discussed introducing a mentoring scheme for members of the Society as an additional benefit to members. The purpose of the mentoring scheme would be to provide assistance to OFHS Members in either starting their research or providing advice as to how they might extend their research when they are unsure or have difficulties and cannot advance their research any further.

It is envisaged that there would be a pool of Mentors who would be assigned to help another member depending on the issue to be resolved and the expertise/knowledge they have. There would not be any expectation that the Mentor would carry out research but suggest potential research routes to the member asking for help.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor please contact me via email and I will forward details of the proposed scheme. If you then wish to be included on the list of Mentors you would then need to provide me with details of the areas of research in which you feel you can help.

John Cramer
Executive Member

Sep 262017

On Monday, 23 October, Peter Towey will talk to Oxfordshire FHS on:

Tracing Ancestors in Continental Europe

The talk will outline the history of immigration from continental Europe to England over the centuries. It will then cover where European ancestors are most likely to turn up and when and how to use English archives to identify immigrants. For each of the main countries of origin, the main record sources will be reviewed and the best way of accessing them online or off.

Peter Towey is a retired civil servant and has also recently retired from professional genealogical research after 20+ years. He has been interested in family history since 1969 when he joined the Society of Genealogists. He has been Chairman, and later a Vice-President, of the Guild of One-Name Studies. He was also a founder member, Chairman and now Vice-President of the Anglo-German Family History Society. He is also Membership Secretary of the Friends of Devon’s Archives. He is now concentrating on genetic DNA; trying to get through his “brick walls”!

Map by courtesy of Dreamstime

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with the talk starting at 8:00pm. Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be advisors offering computer and genealogy help, and tea and coffee will be available.

Sep 192017

The above event will be held at Sandown Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, between 10am and 4.30pm. Find out more at

Oxfordshire FHS will be attending the above show providing you with the opportunity to purchase CD’s of our parish records and Monumental Inscriptions. We will also have a range of books on sale at a discounted price. Members of the Society will be able to carry out searches to try and help with tracing those elusive members of your family tree. We look forward to seeing you there at this new event.

John Cramer
Oxfordshire FHS
Events Co-ordinator


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