Oct 022017

The OFHS Executive has discussed introducing a mentoring scheme for members of the Society as an additional benefit to members. The purpose of the mentoring scheme would be to provide assistance to OFHS Members in either starting their research or providing advice as to how they might extend their research when they are unsure or have difficulties and cannot advance their research any further.

It is envisaged that there would be a pool of Mentors who would be assigned to help another member depending on the issue to be resolved and the expertise/knowledge they have. There would not be any expectation that the Mentor would carry out research but suggest potential research routes to the member asking for help.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor please contact me via email events@ofhs.org.uk and I will forward details of the proposed scheme. If you then wish to be included on the list of Mentors you would then need to provide me with details of the areas of research in which you feel you can help.

John Cramer
Executive Member

Nov 122014

Oxfordshire-Family-Historian-August-2014-coverOxfordshire-Family-Historian-April-2013-p1-200This is the time of year where you can join Oxfordshire Family History Society (it’s only £9 a year inland (£12 a year overseas) and your membership will carry forward to the end of 2015.

You’ll be supporting genealogy in Oxfordshire, and receive three journals (we won a award for our journal earlier this year!)

You can browse our taster journals at http://news.ofhs.org.uk/category/journal/ and join OFHS at http://www.ofhs.org.uk/join.html

It’s thanks to our members we’ve published parish register transcript and monumental inscription CDs, developed the OXSIL site (Oxfordshire Surname List at www.oxsil.org.uk – look for surname matches and add your own!), and a wills library (see on the left at www.ofhs.org.uk), attended fairs and held our own Family History Fair, and more!



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