Oct 082015

If you have already had a Y-DNA test with FamilytreeDNA.com, are all fired up about DNA following this weekend of OFHS activities, and want the  ‘big test’ then for a few days only the Big Y test is on sale. You need to be male and have had a Y-DNA 37, 67 or 111 market test already, but here are the details.

Sign on to your account then:

Use the coupon code BIGY100 to join the thousands of customers that have already taken the deep dive into Y-DNA. 

To order Big Y, simply click on the blue “Upgrade” button on the upper right corner of your dashboard, and the Big Y will be on the upgrade choices of Y-testers.  

  This offer is valid from October 7 through October 11, 11:59 PM Central Time, USA.

The price should be about £320 after discount.



Oct 012015

On Monday, 5 October 2015, Sue Honoré, the Society’s DNA expert and also, of course, our Editor, will talk to OFHS on “Test Tubes and Paper: Stories on what DNA shows in Oxon & Beyond”.DNAWDYTYA presentation April 2015

The talk will describe some stories and interesting discoveries based on DNA tests taken by descendants of people from Oxfordshire, and from those of Sue’s own family in Yorkshire and Scotland. It will help show what DNA can and can’t do for you and the challenges and joys DNA testing can bring.

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with Sue’s talk starting at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be a warm welcome for all.

Sep 252015

Hi all
Only a couple of weeks to go before the Oxfordshire FHS Fair on 3rd October at The Marlborough School, Woodstock (for details see www.ofhs.org.uk/fair.html). A couple of updates:

Do you have Oxfordshire ancestors? Or want to find out more about DNA in your research? Find out about DNA testing and collect a discounted kit.

We have 10 kits to sell to those who have good Oxfordshire ancestry going back into the 19th century and earlier. We’ll also tell you all about DNA testing and what it can do for you, no matter what your heritage. You can see the surnames and places already being explored though DNA in Oxfordshire. Come and have a chat at the DNA stand at the Oxfordshire FHS Fair.

Also we will have our Wills co-ordinator with us again this year so bring along any of your wills which we will be able to help you decipher.

As usual we’ll have our full range of CDs and books from the bookstall

Look forward to seeing you.

Angie Trueman
OFHS Fair Organiser.

Aug 282015

FamilyTreeDNA is having a four-day sale on mtDNA . It will start Friday evening UK time 28th August and last through until about 6am on 1st September UK time. mtDNA will be 20% off the $199 retail, which makes it $159.20. Customers with mtDNA Plus will receive an offer for 25% off on upgrades, taking the $139 retail to only $104.25. These are the lowest prices FTDNA has had on mtDNA for a while, so if you are interest I’d buy/upgrade this weekend.

See www.familytreedna.com for the home page or www.familytreedna.com/public/oxfordshire

if you have good Oxfordshire ancestry and are part of our Oxfordshire project. For queries about the Oxfordshire project, contact dna@ofhs.org.uk


Mar 222015

AnthonyAdolphOn Monday, 23 March 2015, Anthony Adolph will talk to OFHS on
“Connecting up genealogical research, surnames, and DNA”.

Actually, the full title of the talk is “Joining up the dots and bringing all together – connecting up normal genealogical research, origin of surnames, and DNA”, which is self-explanatory. The tendency is often to treat record-based research, the study of surname origins and genetic testing as different topics. Anthony will demonstrate how, by combining them all, we can all obtain much better results from our work, and gain a much better understanding of who we are and where we come from.

Our speaker Anthony Adolph has been a professional genealogist for just under a quarter of a century. He presented most of the genealogy shows on television and radio in the first decade of the twenty-first century and has appeared most recently on Heir Hunters and, Who Do You Think You Are? he was also a TV commentator on the birth of Prince George, who is his 12th cousin twice removed. He is the author of eight published books, including Collins’ best-selling Tracing Your Family History and has two more coming out later this year, Brutus of Troy, about the mythological ancestor of the British, and Ancient Ancestors, which is linked to this talk, tracing our family tree right down from the origins of life, 3500 million years ago.

Anthony Adolph’s website can be found at www.anthonyadolph.co.uk

You can see a video of Anthony enthusing about his research at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=subgNlnwQvE , and, til the end of this week, you can see an episode of Heir Hunters on which Anthony features, on iPlayer. His segement is 17 minutes 40 seconds into the show – the link is http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b054b0ff/heir-hunters-series-9-3-hassnipselman

The talk is at Exeter Hall, Kidlington, and will start at 8:00pm. From 7:15pm we will have computer and genealogy help available, as well as the bookstall and tea and coffee!  All are warmly welcome!

Details of the venue and other OFHS talks are at www.ofhs.org.uk/meetings.html

Jan 202015

Bracknell2015 Oxfordshire FHS will have several tables at the Family History Fair this coming Sunday at Bracknell.  We will have a good selection of books as well as our parish register and Monumental Inscription CDs and our databases on computer.

Our booksales list is at http://www.ofhs.org.uk/books.html – if there are any you would like specifically brought for you to consider, do contact me, chairman@ofhs.org.uk .

Other family history societies will also be there, as well as the Guild of One-Name Studies, Berkshire Record Office and commercial organisations.

We will also be taking a yDNA kit for sale at the very reasonable price of £80 to anyone eligible and willing to participate in the Oxfordshire DNA project,
For this project you need to be male, with ancestry in Oxfordshire (including old Berks, Oxfordshire since 1974) of at least 3 generations that goes back into the 19th century, preferably 1850 and earlier.  We are tracing all Oxfordshire surnames and building a great database which helps us track families in Oxfordshire. (Contact dna@ofhs.org.uk  for more information on the project.)  We can supply more kits by mail at the same price for those not attending the fair.

Nov 262014

FamilyTreeDNA have a holiday sale and also for those already tested, some mystery prizes, with even more money off. The prizes may not relate to your test but you can ‘regift’ them to someone else. If you win a prize and have no particular use for it, do regift it to the Oxfordshire DNA project –  www.familytreedna.com/public/oxfordshire We’d love it!!

Here are the sale prices with rough currency conversions:

Y-37   down from  $169   to  $129  (£83)

Y-67   down from   $268  to $199 (£127)

Y-111  down from $359   to $289 (£185)

mtDNA fullsequence down from  $199 to  $169  (£108)

FamilyFinder down from $99  to $89 (£57)

There is also a sale on any upgrades from lower to higher level tests, so do check those details out and upgrade if it has been in the back of your mind.


FamilyTreeDNA say: “The Mystery Reward will be a randomized discount (up to $100 off) that can be applied on top of the already reduced Holiday Sale prices. Best of all, you’ll get a new Mystery Reward every week. You can use the discounts or share them with friends! The Mystery Reward icon will appear on testers’ myFTDNA dashboard each week. Each code will expire the night before the next Mystery Reward appears. We’ll also send an email notification to the kit’s primary email address when a new code is available for use or sharing.” You need to sign on with your ID to see the rewards.

Jun 062014

Ancestry has recently announced it is ending a number of its businesses, including genealogy.com and all its Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. See  Thomas MacEntee’s blog for details.

If you have had a Y-DNA test (or even an autosomal test) with Ancestry and want to transfer it to our Oxfordshire project please do so quickly, so you don’t lose it. The costs of transfer vary, but are $19-58 for Y-DNA and $69 for autosomal. Mitochondrial (female line) tests don’t appear to be transferrable. To transfer to our project, we need you to have 3 generations in Oxfordshire, at least going back into the 19th century. Go to the  Oxfordshire DNA project, click on the ‘join request’ button, pick Option B and scroll down to the transfer options at the bottom.

Apr 252014

FamilyTreeDNA is have a sale from 25 to 29th April on the Y-DNA 37 test – at 20% off. If you are male and want this level of test do try and catch the sale. If you have good Oxfordshire ancestry then join via our Oxfordshire project www.familytreedna.com/public/oxfordshire.


The company will also be publishing a new Y-DNA haplotree which tracks Y-DNA origins. For those who know their haplogroups, it is worth checking for changes.

Mar 282014

FamilyTreeDNA is having a 4 day sale on maternal DNA testing, so if you have always wanted to check out your mother’s mother’s mother’s line and find a few cousins then this might be the time to do it. If you have  multiple generations of Oxfordshire ancestry on your mother’s line then please register for the test via our Oxfordshire project www.familytreedna.com/public/Oxfordshire. If not, go through the main site www.familytreedna.com or find a suitable project via the project search capability.

Sale prices are as below:

mtDNAFullSequence: Addon and New Kits – was $199 US Now $139 US

mtHVR1toMEGA Upgrade: Was $149 US Now $99 US

mtHVR2toMEGA Upgrade: Was $159 US Now $89 US


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